About Life Business Consultancy


LIFE BUSINESS Consultancy is based in Melbourne, Australia and was co-founded by Robyn Chellew and Olga Varsos. They are both clinical social workers, accredited career practitioners and emotional Intelligence coach’s who have over 30 years experience as managers and counsellors in the educational, youth and family sectors. 

As practitioners, they connected around their shared passion to assist young people from diverse backgrounds and situations shift from feeling disconnected, unmotivated and unaware of their strengths and passions to feeling inspired and empowered to create happy and meaningful life that matches their vision, values and strengths to live meaningful and happy lives.

They both sought to build on the existing body of knowledge in the youth sector, support youth professionals who may be overworked, time poor, with differing approaches and abilities, with the skills, strategies, resources and confidence required to create transformational change in young peoples’ lives.

So, in 2005, they published the first edition of the Coaching Young People For Success Program (CYPFS) and their signature 5 Step POWER Coaching Model, which is now being delivered across the health, educational and youth sectors in Australia and in Canada and USA plus more.. 

The CYPFS program empowers young people to connect with their INNER EXPERT and identify their unique gifts and natural strengths and take responsibility, and in partnership with their “youth coach” to set meaningful goals in their life, career and study that reflect who they are and how they want to live.

Our VISION is….

.. to assist all young people thrive and
achieve optimal wellbeing and performance in all areas of their life.



..to build the capacity of educators and youth professionals to bring the power of coaching to their work with young people through the provision of high quality training and “turn key” coaching resources.

Robyn Chellew

Olga Varsos