Module 1. Career Coaching – My Life & Career Pathway Plan

The Career Coaching Module goes beyond traditional “best fit” career approaches to assist every young person design an inspiring and personalised Life and Career Pathway Plan .

The CYPFS Leader will take each young person on a journey of self-discovery where they will complete a Who am I? Strengths based personal profile and connect to their key strengths, skills, life motivators, LifeType personality, interests and lifestyle and work style preferences.

With a key understanding of their own uniqueness each young person will complete the five P.O.W.E.R coaching steps, assisted by a step by step power point presentation and a series of coaching floor card sorts and other coaching motivational activities in order to:

Step 1. Imagine…Possibilities for their Life & Career
Step 2. Become…Organised by making a 1, 5 & 10 year plan
Step 3. Develop…Will-Power to do what it takes
Step 4. Build……..Emotional skills and get support to implement their plan.
Step 5. Achieve…Results by identifying their action steps to make it happen.

Module one can be completed as a 3 hour workshop or delivered over 20 hours with many extended coaching activities. The Module can also be delivered one to one as part of a more intensive case management or counselling support program.

Module one can also be delivered in conjunction with the Life, Performance and Peer coaching modules to form an extended coaching program of up to 80 hours of potential coaching curriculum. The completed life and career pathway plan worksheet can then form the basis of an on-going career coaching program.

Included Resources:

  • Career Coaching Slideshow /s for one to one and group coaching  (online Leader’s Library)
  • Career Coaching Leader’s Manual 
  • Career Coaching – My Life and Career Pathway Plan (printable PDF  or Writable PDF)
  • Life Motivator Coaching Cards
  • Interest Coaching Cards
  • WorkStyle Coaching Cards
  • LifeStyle Coaching Cards
  • LifeType Coaching Cards
  • Qualities Coaching Cards
  • My Top Career Options Worksheet (online Leader’s Library)
  • My Life Type Career Interest sheets (online Leader’s Library)

With Printable and Re-Writable PDF
Pathway Plan Worksheet

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