The complete POWER coaching card kit includes NINE sets of coaching card sorts that are designed to assist people access their inner expert and to connect to their key values, strengths and lifestyle and work style preferences. All the cards are designed to be run in conjunction with Life Business Programs but can also be purchased individually for delivery in groups and one to one. Each deck includes instructions that outlines potential coaching activities that coaches can use with both adults and young people.

The Qualities Coaching Cards assist participants connect to the main qualities they have and the qualities they need to develop to achieve their goals for life and work.

The My Life Motivator Coaching Cards assist participants identify their key motivators that drive the sense of purpose meaning and success in life and work.

The Interest coaching cards assist participants understand what interests they are naturally curious about and the activities they may love to persue to enhance their life, work and well-being.

The “My Life” coaching cards will assist participants express how they feel about all areas of their life and design a compelling vision for how they would love it to be. A must have resource for every coach!

The Performance coaching cards include strategies to assist participants identify what they need to do to take their school performance to a new level.

The My E.Q coaching cards include the key emotional skills that we all need for success in life, work and relationships.

The Lifestyle coaching cards assist participants identify the specific lifestyle and living environments that would make them the happiest.

The Workstyle coaching cards assist participants easily identify the work environment that match who they are and what would make them the happiest.