Naga Mila delivers CYPFS at 
Armadale Education Support Centre, Western Australia

“I began using the “Coaching Young People for Success” program in 2017 with my Year 11 students. This was the first time we had introduced this course in our education support classrooms. CYPFS was beneficial for the students in building their self-confidence and in their understanding of the strengths and skills needed to reach their potential. 

I was able to modify the course to suit individual needs and used various strategies including sharing my own life experiences so students could relate to the importance of career choices. They were able to  identify their goals, aspirations and the potential steps to be taken and the skills needed for a secure and fulfilling future.

Students participated every week and were fully engaged. The coaching cards were also beneficial in exploring and helped students to identify strengths within themselves.  CYFPS modules helped our students in working towards their transition plans and goals. I highly recommend CYPFS for schools and anyone else working with youth! The course is also provider developed and accounted for SCSA points” 

For the past 3 years, Kalouda Pelitidis, Director of Students and her team have been delivering the CYPFS program to Year 10 with great success.  In 2018 she started delivering the CYPFS on a weekly basis to her accelerated Year 8 class to assist them connect to who they are and explore exciting futures that they would really love. The students were fully engaged and inspired.

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Tania and Kaelee

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Tania Sacco, ACFE Training Coordinator @ YouthNow 

As a Careers Practitioner & Trainer specialising in youth, I am always on the hunt for practical resources to help me quickly ‘get into the headspace’ of the young people I work with in order to assist them to gain a sense of direction with their career & life pathway options and build their self-confidence.

The Train the Trainer workshops with Robyn Chellew, Director of Life Business, delivered over two-days at YouthNow, allowed our staff to experience what our clients would experience and exposed us to the plethora of resources from CYPFS. Fantastic professional development and up-skilling for all staff alike!

Post-training I was delighted to access all the modules which contain practical, colour- coded and up-to-date career & life coaching resources for my youth cohort, and best of all made in Australia!  I could immediately incorporate the CYPFS life and career coaching modules into my existing Jobs Lab training sessions (job application process from woe to go). I have been using the CYPFS resources for over two years now and get wonderful results. 

I highly recommend CYPFS for Careers Practitioners and anyone else working with youth!

Kaelee Elsley, a YouthNow client says…

“I thought the coaching was very helpful and I realised more about what I want in life and made me think more about what I want to do over my 1 year-5 year-10 year plan, and writing it down made it seem more real and made me think more about it.   I liked the tasks, I didn’t think cards would be able to represent me but some of them did, just looking at them things seemed so much like me. I always knew what I wanted to do when I was older but some things I didn’t think about or I didn’t think would be possible for me but after the lessons, I realised anything is possible when I put my mind to it and try my hardest.”

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Using the “My Life and Career Pathway Plan” at Senior Camp

As time is often an issue in senior school, I proposed to the school management that I would like to go on senior leadership camp and deliver the Career Coaching Module – “My Life and Career Pathway Plan”

The proposal was agreed to and it turned out to be one of the best environments to connect with students and have them contemplate who they are, what they wanted to achieve and determine a plan of action.  Being away from school and in a supportive and relaxed environment really helped to get the most out of what this fantastic program offers. Whilst we ran most of the sessions at camp as a collective group, each student then met with me one on one over the next few weeks back at school to talk over their journey of self discovery and how I could support them in moving forward towards their goal/s. I also had students come and see me at camp as they really wanted to talk and share. 

The highlight for me was seeing students have ‘ah ha’ moments. Those moments when all the parts that make up who they are start to link together to form a picture and give them hope for the future. The documented plan also gave students something to refer to when sharing with their parents about the choices that they were making and why they felt it aligned with who they are, and were becoming as young adults. 

Sue Fraser, Guidance Officer
Australian Christian College – Moreton, QLD

Impact Communities Tasmania – A group of six young women at Claremont College in Hobart celebrated their own successes recently when they completed both the Life Coaching and Life and Career Pathway Planning Modules in Coaching Young People for Success. “..helping young people believe that no matter the circumstances, anything is possible if you put your mind to it and work for it.” (CC student commenting on the value of CYPFS)


Supported by Impact Communities Tasmania and their classroom teacher, and inspired by their own desire to design and achieve their personal best, they met weekly across 20 weeks to explore possibilities and set their dreams in motion.

Minister for Health and Community Services Jacqui Petrusma attended the final day to present certificates and celebrate with the young women, their babies, families and friends. She commended their efforts and the progress they had made, encouraging them to continue to build positive strong futures. Authorised CYPFS Trainer has set training dates for Tasmania…go to CYPFS website calendar for more details