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Resources to tap into your inner expert!

POWER Coaching Activity Cards

A must have toolkit for every coach!

Assist people access their inner expert with these simple but powerful coaching activity card sorts.

Each Coaching card deck can be used as a stand alone activity or delivered together to enhance any of your life, career, relationship or team coaching programs.. plus more!

All cards are available in French, Spanish, Serbian and Turkish coming soon!

The POWER Coaching Card Kit

A must have toolkit for every coach!

The Kit includes all nine sets of the POWER Coaching Activity Card Sorts that will assist every coach lead powerful coaching conversations that connect people to their inner expert and help them identify who they are and what is important to them in life and work. Each card set comes with its own instruction sheet and can be used in groups and one to one coaching.

Life Motivator Coaching Activity Cards

Includes 20 x A4 cards and activity sheet

The My Life Motivator Coaching Cards depict 20 core values that can drive us in life and work. The Cards allow individuals to connect to their inner expert and identify the key drivers that give them meaning and life satisfaction at the deepest level. When individuals live in alignment with their core values they are able to increase their happiness, health and productivity in life, relationships and at work.


Workstyle Coaching Activity Card Sorts

Includes 32 x A5 cards

The Workstyle coaching cards depicts 32 different work environment preferences. The cards will assist participants identify the work environment that best match who they are and would allow them to thrive and perform at their best at work. The cards help promote meaningful career planning conversations and can be used in groups and one to one. 

Lifestyle Coaching Activity Card Sorts

Includes 24 x A5 cards

The Lifestyle Coaching Cards include twenty four different lifestyle and living environment preferences. The cards will assist your clients easily identify the lifestyle preferences that best match who they are and the type of life that would give them the greatest meaning and life satisfaction. A powerful life vision activity!

My E.Q Coaching Activity Cards

Includes 30 x A5 cards

The My E.Q coaching card sort depict thirty key emotional skills that we all need to be our best in our life, work and relationships. The E.Q cards assist people to identify their emotional strengths and weaknesses and key areas for development to be their best in life, work and in relationships.

My Life Coaching Activity Cards

Includes 52 x A5 cards

The My Life coaching cards are a must have resource for every coach. The cards include 52 simple black and white images that can be used to assist people connect to how they feel about any area or situation in their life and them help them articulate a mental picture of how they would love it to be from the inside-out!. 

Interest Coaching Activity Card Sorts

Includes 32 x A5 cards

The Interest Coaching Cards outline 32 different areas of interest that people can review. The cards will  will assist  to quickly identify the main interests they are naturally curious about and those they would like to explore further in their life and career to increase life satisfaction, happiness and productivity.


Performance Coaching Activity Cards

Includes 44 x A5 cards

The Performance Coaching Cards include forty-five different skills and strategies. Including study and time management skills, important attitudinal, emotional and physical self-care skills. Students can use these to identify the current skills they use and the ones they want to introduce to take their school performance to a new level.

Qualities Coaching Activity Cards

Includes 41 x A5 cards

The Qualities Coaching Cards are a powerful tool to assist people quickly identify their strongest qualities and personal attributes that make them unique. Connecting to our key strengths promotes greater sense of well-being and positive self-regard as well as assisting people connect to the type of life and work where they would really flourish and thrive.


My LifeType Coaching Activity Cards

Includes 12 x A4 cards

The My LifeType Coaching Cards outline six key personality types that are based on personality type theory. By identifying your personality type coaches can assist  individuals connect to who they are and assist them gain greater insights into their strengths and preferred ways of living, working and interacting with others. The cards are an amazing self-awareness tool and can be used in career, life, coaching, performance, team and relationship coaching!

 Coaching Young People For Success Modules  

For Primary and High School Teachers


Moving Up – Steps for My High School Success 

A Primary to High School Transition Coaching Program

“Moving Up” includes all the resources you need to support students prepare for and to make a successful transition from Primary to High School.  Moving Up, can be delivered in 2-4 hours and comes with its own slideshow, Leader’s manual, printable and writable workbook – PDF, as well as the My Life Vision, E.Q and the Qualities Coaching activity card sorts.

Steps For My High School Success

Performance Coaching for Primary and High School Students

The Steps for My School Success Module is in the Member’s Library and is now also available for purchase as a stand alone program. This easy to deliver Module is designed to assist students from Years 4 – 12 reflect on their own school performance, identify the personal and academic priority areas they want to improve and set personalised goals that can be reviewed and reset on an ongoing basis. 

CYPFS Pathway Plan Worksheet Packs 

For Purchase by Accredited CYPFS Leaders Only

Module 1. Career Coaching
My Life & Career Pathway Plan Worksheets

Includes 5o Colour Worksheets per Pack
Purchase Here

Module 2. Life Coaching
Steps For My Life Success Worksheets

Includes 5o Colour Worksheets per Pac
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Module 3.Performance Coaching
My TOP Performance Plan Worksheets

Includes 5o Colour Worksheets per Pack
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Module 4. Performance Coaching
Steps For My School Success Worksheets

Includes 5o Colour Worksheets per Pack
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