Coaching YOUNG PEOPLE For Success their Life, Career and Study


Coaching Young People For Success is a complete life coaching program that includes the staff training and all the resources you need to build a culture of student wellbeing and success across your whole school or particular cohort of students.

Become an accredited CYPFS Leader and learn how to coach students, their peers and parents to form a a complete system of support that ensures they will stay motivated and on track to achieve their goals in their life, career and study.

CYPFS is being delivered in secondary, vocational, tertiary, alternative and indigenous education
settings across Australia, USA and Canada

…Coaching can be implemented across the whole school or straight into many subjects areas or year levels ….

 Career, transition and pathways
 Pastoral Care and tutor groups 
Wellbeing programs
 Social and Emotional learning
Student support and counselling
√ Flexible and alternative learning programs
 Peer mentoring
 School engagement
 Youth leadership
 School Camps

and now in PRIMARY schools!

√ CYPFS is a holistic program 

..That includes all aspects of life, including school performance, physical health and wellbeing, finances, career development and more. It  comes with access to eight flexible coaching modules that can be delivered separately or together to form an extended program with up to eighty hours of potential coaching activities.

√ CYPFS is evidenced based

Every Module incorporates our signature The P.O.W.E.R Coaching Mode that combines powerful evidence based strategies drawn from coaching, positive psychology and hope theory that are proven to assist young people build the emotional skills they need to achieve greater wellbeing and performance in all areas of life.

Register for CYPFS Leader’s Accreditation Training as a team or an individual 

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– All training includes a 12 month licence – 

What is included in the CYPFS Leader Accreditation Training?

 The training includes access to EIGHT COACHING MODULES that can be delivered
across the whole school, to a targeted cohort or  year level or for one to one support.


Career Coaching Program

The Career Coaching Module will take young people on a journey of self-discovery where they will complete a who am I? profile, connect to their key strengths and design an inspiring life and career pathway plan that matches their vision, values and preferred lifestyle. 

A Life Coaching Program

 The Life Coaching Module assists young people design a “Steps for My Life Success” action plan. Using the life wheel young people will identify the priority  areas they want to work on and the steps they need to take to achieve greater health and well-being in all areas of their life. 

A Learning Coaching Program

The My TOP Performance    Plan  will teach senior students the strategies of TOP school performers, then take them through a step by step process to design a tailor made action plan that will take their own performance to a new level.


Module 4. Performance Coaching for Junior students
Steps for My School Success

Steps For My SCHOOL Success is a highly effective way to empower students of all ages to take responsibility for their learning. Students will review their academic and personal performance, identify potential blockers and then set and review their learning goals and action plan on a regular basis.

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Module 6. Moving Up
Steps for My High School Success

The Moving Up module assists students make a successful transition from Primary to High School. They will reflect on on their Primary years, understand the differences and challenges they may face, identify their goals and the potential steps, strategies and skills they will need to have fun and be their best.

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Module 7. Peer Coaching Skills Training

This module provides CYPFS leaders with a ready to deliver coaching skills training workshop to assist young people develop the skills they need to become effective peer coaches so they can support each other implement their pathway plans on an ongoing basis.

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Module 8. Parent As Coach

Offer the  “Parent as Coach” Module and assist parents develop the key coaching skills they need to successfully support their children develop the social and emotional skills they need to overcome obstacles and implement their life, career and school performance goals on an ongoing basis.

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Module 5. Coaching Young People For Success
in their Life, Career and Study

Coaching Young People For Success (CYPFS) Module, combines the life, career and school performance modules as one seamless program.
With the assistance of the CYPFS coach, every young person will explore who they are and what they want to achieve and design an inspiring life, career and school performance pathway plan from the inside out.  The Module comes with a slideshow gallery, leaders manual and a “My Success Workbook” printable and rewritable PDF,  that you can print or store for every student you coach. The workbook can then be used to “focus” future coaching sessions to assist young people stay on track to achieve their identified goals on an ongoing basis.

Every Module comes with its own…

Leader’s Manual 

A step by step guide to every module

Online Resource Library

with up to 8o hours of curriculum

Slideshow Galleries

for coaching in groups and one to one


Pathway Plan Worksheets

Printable & Re-Writable PDF’s


Plus a POWER Coaching Card Kit

The P.O.W.E.R Card Kit includes nine sets of coaching activity card sorts that assist young people connect to their inner expert to identify their strengths, qualities, values, vision, interests plus much more…!

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All Coaching Cards can also be purchased as a stand alone product and comes its own activity instruction sheet.


You can register now for online training, find an upcoming workshop via our calendar
or organise a team training at your workplace. 


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What teachers and students are saying…

“I have encouraged our school practitioners in Western Australia to use the Life Business program to create a career development culture for all students covering all aspects of their life, learning and work within a holistic and strength based framework.”

Peter Carey WA Catholic Education Dept and Former President of the Career Development Association of Australia

“We offer training in career development to professionals in the field, when we have asked what their best tools were, those who had done CYPFS training chose it as number one without fail.”

Garry Gilfoy Counselling and Career Development Lecturer, South Australia

“I began using the “Coaching Young People for Success” program in 2017 with my Year 11 students. This was the first time we had introduced this course in our education support classrooms. They were able to identify their goals, aspirations and the potential steps to be taken and the skills needed for a secure and fulfilling future. Students participated every week and were fully engaged. CYFPS modules helped our students in working towards their transition plans and goals. I highly recommend CYPFS for schools and anyone else working with youth! The course is also provider developed and accounted for SCSA points”

Naga MilaArmadale Education Support Centre, Western Australia

“Extremely useful program that can really improve teacher/student connectedness thus enhancing positive planning, goal setting and pathways for all students.”

Thomas HallinanVCAL & Later Years Manager, Eummemmering College, Vic

“A structured approach to goal setting and goal attainment. Excellent resources and materials.”. It’s a powerful tool and students have given me most positive feedback from it.”

Maria SalvatorePreston Girls Secondary College, Victoria

“Very inspirational, probably the best thing I have been to.”

Faith said...

“Helped me realise the potential I have. If you don’t do this program you won’t get anywhere in life.”

Than said..STUDENT

“If you don’t believe in magic you won’t find it. Once found, you need to protect your magic.”

Jaidea said..STUDENT

“As a newby to the Territory I found almost 30 years of teaching very helpful with the initial shock. However if I had known about this program earlier and undergone the course earlier, the shock may have been only a surprise and both my personal and professional life would have been so well informed and probably gone a lot smoother.”

Liz Lacey, PLP CoordinatorTamminmin College, Northern Territory

The five P.O.W.E.R Coaching steps guides each young person through a transformational process, where they are able to connect to their strengths and design an inspiring and hope filled life, career and school performance pathway plan that matches their vision, values and aspirations. The coaching plans then provide a guide for all future coach, parent or peer lead coaching sessions, to ensure young people stay focused on their goals and are supported to “fast-track” their learning and take action to achieve positive and lasting behaviour change.

… and has been mapped against the..

  Australian Blue Print for Career Development  (ABCD)
 Australian National Curriculum Framework
  Victorian Curriculum Framework 
 Personal Learning Plan – PLP  – South Australia
Australian Teachers Standards
 Is an endorsed program in the Western Australian Certificate of Education (WACE) 
 The USA – ASCA National Standards