Become a CYPFS leader and help young people unlock their full potential!

The Coaching Young People for Success (CYPFS) includes the STAFF TRAINING and all the RESOURCES you need to build a coaching culture across all your counselling, case management and group work programs.

The Coaching Young People For Success Program is based on our signature Five Step POWER Coaching Mode that includes powerful strategies from both COACHING and POSITIVE PSYCHOLOGY that are proven to assist young people connect to their unique strengths, build hope and achieve greater wellbeing and performance in all areas of their life.

CYPFS is being delivered in a wide range of youth services across Australia, USA and Canada including…

Youth outreach programs
 Counselling and case management
√ Mental Health
Employment Support
Transition to work
Mental health and well-being
 Indigenous support
 Juvenile justice
Child Protection
 Disability support
Sporting and Youth Clubs

What youth professionals are saying…

“The CYPFS program assists us to provide a high quality and consistent approach to case management across the agency and is getting great outcomes with the young people we support. I am also a passionate CYPFS Trainer and deliver the leaders training to other youth agencies and schools across the state.”

Kerrie SellenManager, Re-Engage Youth Service, South Australia

“For several years we have been incorporating CYPFS into our aboriginal peer mentoring programs using the resources both one to one and in groups, providing opportunities for the young people to set meaningful goals and develop their own unique career and life pathway plan with outstanding results.”

Lee-Anne SmithCEO Halo leadership development agency inc. Western Australia

“I presented the Life and Career Coaching workshop with the community VCAL kids. It was fantastic!!! I thoroughly enjoyed presenting it, and the kids were great. When we were finished, I asked them for some feedback and they all felt it was really helpful and good fun. I am really enthused about the program and feel it will be of great benefit for us all in the Youth Pathway Program.”

K. JacobsYouth Pathways Worker Link Employment, Dandenong, Victoria

“Fantastic practical toolkit to get real answers and workable goals for young peoples future. Highly recommended!”

Christina Borger – LCP Coordinator Rivers Regional Youth Deveplopment Service Inc, Northern Territory, Australia

“I found the training really informative for myself and for the young people I have been working with in schools. Since completing the training, I’ve delivered the program in small groups and with individuals. Ive found it an excellent tool, to get the imagination working, to have a vehicle to connect with, which is positive, to help a young person see how something as boring as school actually fits into their life rather than them being forced to go there. Its very empowering for a young person to take control over their life, even if they arent quite old enough to make every decision. They know they’re on THEIR path”.

Kerry Howell, Youth worker, Mission Australia, South Australia

We will train your team to assist young people….

 Connect to their strengths, interests, skills and values and dreams

Design an inspiring vision for their life, career, wellbeing, school performance and more!

√  Raise aspirations, motivation and build hope for the future

 Create a personal plan to achieve their goals over the short and long term 

√ Strengthen the emotional and social skills they need to be successful

  Be supported to find solutions and take positive action

√ Track their successes along the way

Register for CYPFS Leader’s Accreditation Training as a team or an individual 

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– All training includes a 12 month licence – 

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CYPFS Training Overview

We will train you and your whole team to assist young people connect to their inner expert and unique strengths so they can design an inspiring life, career and school performance pathway plan following The POWER Coaching Model and all the coaching resources.

You will be taken step by step through the program, complete your own coaching plan, so you can connect to the mindset of a coach and learn how to confidently deliver the eight coaching modules in GROUPS and ONE to ONE straight away. 

You will also learn how to lead powerful solutions focused coaching conversations using The GOAL Coaching conversation that will assist you support young people to build the emotional skills they need to reach their goals on an ongoing basis.

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What is included in the CYPFS Leader Accreditation Training?

 All training includes access to EIGHT COACHING MODULES that you can deliver into any of your group, counselling or case management programs straight away.

Every Coaching Module comes with its own..

Leader’s Manual 

A step by step guide to every module

Online Resource Library

with up to 8o hours of curriculum

Slideshow Galleries

for coaching in groups and one to one


Pathway Plan Worksheet

Printable & Re-Writable PDF’s


About the CYPFS Coaching Modules

Each module can be delivered separately or together, to form an extended coaching program with up to eighty hours of potential coaching curriculum.  Together the modules will assist every young person connect to who they are and design an inspiring life, career and school performance pathway plan that provides a “focus” to “fast track” positive behaviour change in all ongoing coaching sessions.

Module 1. Career Coaching
My Life and Career Pathway Plan

The Career Coaching Module will take young people on a journey of self-discovery where they will complete a who am I? profile, connect to their key strengths and design an inspiring life and career pathway plan that matches their vision, values and preferred lifestyle. 

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Module 2. Life Coaching
Steps for My Life Success 

The Life Coaching Module assists young people design a “Steps for My Life Success” action plan. Using the life wheel young people will identify the priority  areas they want to work on and the steps they need to take to achieve greater health and well-being in all areas of their life. 

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Module 3. Performance Coaching for Senior Students
My TOP Performance Plan 

The My TOP Performance    Plan  will teach senior students the strategies of TOP school performers, then take them through a step by step process to design a tailor made action plan that will take their own performance to a new level.

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Module 4. Performance Coaching for Junior students
Steps for My School Success

Steps For My SCHOOL Success is a highly effective way to empower students of all ages to take responsibility for their learning. Students will review their academic and personal performance, identify potential blockers and then set and review their learning goals and action plan on a regular basis.

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Module 5. Coaching Young People For Success
in their Life, Career and Study

Coaching Young People For Success (CYPFS) Module, combines the life, career and school performance modules as one seamless program.
With the assistance of the CYPFS coach, every young person will explore who they are and what they want to achieve and design an inspiring life, career and school performance pathway plan from the inside out.  The Module comes with a slideshow gallery, leaders manual and a “My Success Workbook” printable and rewritable PDF,  that you can print or store for every student you coach. The workbook can then be used to “focus” future coaching sessions to assist young people stay on track to achieve their identified goals on an ongoing basis.

Module 6. Moving Up – Primary Transition
Steps for My High School Success

The Moving Up module assists students make a successful transition from Primary to High School. They will reflect on on their Primary years, understand the differences and challenges they may face, identify their goals and the potential steps, strategies and skills they will need to have fun and be their best.

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Module 7. Peer Coaching Skills Training

This module provides CYPFS leaders with a ready to deliver coaching skills training workshop to assist young people develop the skills they need to become effective peer coaches so they can support each other implement their pathway plans on an ongoing basis.

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Module 8. Parent As Coach

Offer the  “Parent as Coach” Module and assist parents develop the key coaching skills they need to successfully support their children develop the social and emotional skills they need to overcome obstacles and implement their life, career and school performance goals on an ongoing basis.

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Plus a POWER Coaching Card Kit

The POWER Card Kit includes nine sets of coaching activity card sorts that assist young people connect to their inner expert to identify their strengths, qualities, values, vision, interests plus much more…!

Card Kits sorts can be purchased separately but are designed to compliment and enhance the youth coaching experience when delivering all the CYPFS modules.

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