CYPFS Team Training & Licensing Packages

If you have a team you would like to train we will come to you anywhere in Australia. 

You can choose to train your team via a ONE or a TWO day WORKSHOP,

Training includes a one year licence for every participant.

When you train ten staff or more, your licence renewal includes
complimentary online training to replace any leaders who move on.

This makes CYPFS training affordable and sustainable over the long term.

 *All staff will get to complete their own life and career coaching plan as a part of the training experience!

One Day Team Package 

CYPFS Leader Accreditation Training (Workshop or online)
For up to 10 staff & 5 POWER card kits   – $5,500
For up to 20 staff & 5 POWER card kits  – $8,800
*Add additional staff for $440 pp

Two Day Team Package 

Add Advanced Coaching Skills Training day 
For an additional $3,850 flat rate for up to 20 staff

(*Travel fees may apply for interstate, regional and remote locations)

Both training packages include:

  • Leaders Accreditation Certificate and registration with Life Business Consultancy.
  • A 12 month organisational licence for unlimited use of the program
  • A personal login to the member site for all participants
  • Up to 80hours of suggested coaching curriculum
  • Leader’s Manual for each participant 
  • A follow-up session with your chosen lead coach
  • Email support and coaching tips
  • All program upgrades

    *Additional Kits can be purchased @ $330 per kit  
    *Travel expenses may apply for interstate or remote training.  

Add Youth Coaching Workshops

You can also arrange for a CYPFS accredited coach to come and deliver any of the CYPFS life, career and school performance workshops at your location.  This will allow you to see the program in action first hand and provide additional mentoring and support for your CYPFS team and build their confidence and skills for the future.

Organisational Discount Packages

If you wish to train a large team or all your staff over one or many sites.. we offer organisational training packages that provide sustainability and value over the long term.  
For 100+ staff.

Email us for quote.

Annual Organisational Licence Renewal

(1st year non commercial licence is included in training)

$1,000 per year for up to 10 trained staff
*Add $100 for additional staff 
*Includes complimentary online training for any new staff when a leader leaves.


Day 1. Leader Accreditation Training - (includes 12 month non commercial license)

Training Description:

Participants will be taken step by step through the CYPFS program and resources and learn how to confidently deliver the first six coaching modules in both groups and one. You will also learn the five step POWER Coaching Model by designing your own life, career and wellbeing coaching plan, and get to experience first hand how coaching can assist young people connect to their strengths , set meaningful goals and enhance their wellbeing and performance in all areas of life.


1. Overview of CYPFS Program & Resources
2. Introduction to evidenced based Coaching and Positive Psychology
3. Learn the 5 Step P.O.W.E.R Coaching Model
4. Experiential – Module 1. Career Coaching
5. Experiential – Module 2. Life Coaching
6. Design your own Life, career and wellbeing plan
7. Experiential – Module School Performance Coaching – Senior
8. Experiential – Module 4. School Performance Coaching – Junior
9. Moving Up Module- Transition to High School
10. Implementation planning and review

The Training Fee includes:

✓A CYPFS Leader’s Manual
✓A 12 month non-commercial licence
✓Unlimited access to 80 hours of coaching activities
✓Gallery slide shows for groups and one to one
✓Printable & Writable Pathway worksheet – PDF’s
✓Additional Coaching Resource materials
✓All Program Upgrades
✓Leader’s Certificate

(Annual renewal fee is $110 AUD per person

Day 2 Advanced Coaching Skills Training

Training Description:

The Advanced Coaching Skills training will assist CYPFS Leaders further consolidate their theoretical and practical skills they need to assist young people develop the emotional skills they need to overcome obstacles and enhance their wellbeing and performance in all areas of life.
Leaders will learn key solution focused and strength based coaching strategies, and how to lead powerful coaching conversations using the GOAL model, that will keep young people focussed and on-track to achieve their life, career and school performance goals on an ongoing basis.

*This training is highly recommended for leaders also wishing to introduce peer coaching and parents as coach programs to support young people. 

Training Overview:

1. Coaching and Positive Psychology theory – cont’d
2. The role of the coach and the coaching mindset
3. Identify your coaching strengths and and areas for development.
4. Learn key strengths based and solutions focused coaching skills and strategies.
5. Learn The G.O.A.L Model and how to lead powerful coaching conversations.
6. Introducing a Peer Coaching Skills Training program
7. How to implement the “Parent as Coach” Module
8. Design a personal and organisational coaching plan
9. Review and evaluation