Life Coaching Module

Steps for My Life Success 

For all Counsellors, Youth Professionals, Wellbeing Educators & Coaches

The Life Coaching Module provides youth professionals with a complete coaching toolkit, that includes the TRAINING and all the ” ready to deliver” RESOURCES you need to deliver a transformation coaching program that assists young people achieve greater health and wellbeing in all areas of their life.

This Module is flexible, and can be delivered straight into any wellbeing, counselling, case management, mentoring and support program, either FACE TO FACE or ONLINE, with individuals or groups of young people.

You can also deliver the Module in conjunction with the Career, Performance, Peer or Parent As Coach Modules, to form an extended coaching program with up to eighty hours of potential curriculum.

What is included..

√  Online Leader Accreditation Training

Through a combination of online self paced videos and live coaching sessions with a trainer, we will take you step by step through the Life Coaching Module and all the resources so you can confidently coach young people in groups, one to one or online. You will get to experience first hand how to guide young people through our signature five step POWER Coaching Model© to design their own “Steps for My Life Success” plan while at the same time completing your own plan.

To build on their success you also learn The G.O.A.L Coaching Conversation©, which is a simple but powerful framework to help you lead future focused conversations, that support young people to stay on track and maintain the resilience and motivation they need to implement their plans on an ongoing basis. Both Models draw on evidence-based strategies from coaching, positive psychology and hope theory that enhance self-awareness, self-care and self-responsibility.

The P.O.W.E.R Coaching Model©

Assist young people design their own “Steps For My Life Success” action plan.

Step 1. Imagine … Possibilities of how would you love life to be?

Identify what successful living is for them

Reflect on how satisfied they are with their current life 

Create a vision of how they would like it to be, using the “My Life” Coaching activity cards.


Step 2. Become… Organised and make a plan to get there

Complete the My Life Review Wheel

Review their life satisfaction in eight key areas..

Career, School, Emotional health, Physical health,
Finances, Friends, Family and Living Environment

Set priority areas they would like to work on

Brainstorm strategies they could take to reach their goals 

Design a personal “Steps For My Life Success” action plan to be their best.

Step 3. Develop… Willpower and the motivation you need

Consider the costs of making an effort to achieve their goals

Identify the benefits of making an effort to achieve their goals

Weigh up if it is worth the effort it to them personally

Build their motivation, confidence and self-responsibility to take action 

Step 4. Build… Emotional skills to be your best

Understand the key skills and qualities of successful people

Identify the main Emotional Intelligence (E.Q) skills they have 

Identify the E.Q skills they need to develop to ensure they successfully reach their goals

Step 5. Achieve… Results by taking consistent action

Design SMART action steps to make positive change straight away!

Design a personal motto for motivation

The Life Coaching Module also comes with..


A 12 Month Licence to access all the resources in the Life Coaching Member Library

A Leader’s Manual – PDF

Step by step slideshow presentations for easy delivery in groups or one to one sessions.

Unlimited printing of the “Steps For My Life Success” Worksheet – PDF

My Life Review Wheel – PDF

The G.O.A.L Coaching conversation – PDF

The P.O.W.E.R Coaching Questions – PDF

Youth Life Coaching Certificate – PDF

My Life Wheel Coaching Tip Sheets – PDF

√  Emotional Intelligence (E.Q.) Coaching E-Cards – Download & Print 

√  My Life Coaching E-Cards – Download & Print


√  A 12 month License to the Life Coaching library to coach as many young people as you wish.

√  CYPFS Life Coach Accreditation Certificate

√  All Program upgrades

√  Ongoing access to the Leader training videos 

√  A web directory listing – Optional

√  Stay in touch with our CYPFS Leaders Newsletter


The Life Coaching Module has been mapped against..

√  Australian Blueprint For Career Development Framework

√ The National Curriculum Framework

The Personal Learning Plan in South Australia 

Is an endorsed Program in the WACE – Western Australian Certificate of Education

The Australian Wellbeing Framework

Plus more  ..


What people are saying…

“I have been using the coaching cards with my clients. The cards are both subtle and powerful as well as provoking in a positive way. Wow – the results are fascinating and revealing. The process and its employment has been truly rewarding. I have seen clients excited, rewarded, connected, confronted, exposed and a little scared. So much to explore and examine.” 

Anne Tomietto I Youth Development Coach,  
Creating Futures, Brotherhood of St Laurence


“In well over a decade of working with young people across the NT, Coaching Young People for Success (CYPFS) has proven to be one of the most powerful tools in my toolkit. I built and managed Darwin’s Transition to Work service, who have used the CYPFS resources when supporting hundreds of young people in their career and life transitions. I can’t recommend this training and the wealth of ready-to-go coaching resources – highly enough.”

Carina Frew, YouthWorX NT, Business Service Advisor & Leadership Academy Coordinator

The CYPFS Modules are being used in a Flexible Learning Program, whereby the school staff use the resources throughout the year to assist students develop  and keep the students on track with their goal setting. The resources are engaging and once you have completed the training, the support is amazing from the Life Business crew!  Keep up the great work!

 Dr. Naomi Ryan, Lecturer – Career Development & Coordinator (AEPP)
Open Access College | University of Southern Queensland


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Training Fee

$700 pp  (plus GST for Australia)

– includes a 12 month commercial license –

(Annual Renewal is  $55 pp per year) 

Discount team packages are available!

Steps to get coaching..

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