Life Coaching – Steps For My Life Success

The Life Coaching Module includes powerful future and action oriented coaching strategies to assist young people achieve greater health, well-being and improved life satisfaction in all areas of their life.

With the assistance of a step by step power point presentation, each young person will be taken through the five POWER coaching steps to design a tailor made, “Steps For My Life Success” pathway plan that can be used to focus and fast track positive and lasting behaviour change in all future coaching sessions.

Young People Will:

  1. Imagine Possibilities = Review their current life satisfaction and identify how they would love their life to be
  2. Become Organised  = Make a plan by completing a “My Life Review Wheel” and identify the TOP priority areas they want to improve to be their best.
  3. Develop Willpower = Weigh up the costs and benefits of making change.
  4. Build Emotional Skills = Identify their (E.Q) strengths and the skills they will need to be successful.
  5. Achieve Results = Commit to SMART action steps that they will take to make positive change straight away!

The Life Coaching Module can be completed as a 2-3 hour workshop or delivered one to one, and can also be offered in conjunction with the Career, Performance and Peer coaching modules to form an extended coaching program.

Included Resources:

  • Life Coaching Slideshow/s for one to one and group coaching 
  • Life Coaching Leader’s Manual 
  • Steps For My Life Success Pathway Plan Worksheet (printable & writable PDF)
  • Ongoing coaching templates – PDF
  • Completion Certificate – PDF
  • G.O.A.L Coaching conversation
  • P.O.W.E.R Coaching Questions 
  • My Life Review Wheel Worksheet
  • Life Wheel Tips Sheets

Plus two sets of coaching Activity Card Sorts

With a Printable and Re-writable
Pathway Plan Worksheet


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