Moving Up – Steps For My High School Success

The Moving Up Module comes with all the resources you need to deliver a ready made workshop that prepares primary school students for their transition to high school.

The Module includes a step by step slideshow, leader’s manual and student workbook PDF that you can print for every student. 

 Module Overview:

  1. Review how they feel about leaving primary school and going to high school
  2. Imagine how they would love high school to be .. set goals and aspirations
  3. Understand the main differences between primary school and high school
  4. Identify the potential challenges they may face
  5. Brainstorm strategies to make a successful transition to high school
  6. Identify the strengths they will take and the skills they will need to develop
  7. Make a personal action plan for their success

Included Resources:

  • Moving Up Slideshow  (online Leader’s Library)
  • Moving Up Leader’s Manual (online Leader’s Library)
  • Moving Up Workbook  (printable PDF or writable PDF)
  • Life Vision Coaching Cards
  • Qualities Coaching Cards
  • EQ Coaching Cards

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