Parent As Coach Module

Assist parents lead powerful conversations

Parents and carers are key influencers in nurturing a young persons career aspirations, academic performance and personal wellbeing. 

This Module provides the TRAINING and “ready to deliver” RESOURCES that educators and coaches need to deliver a simple but powerful “Parent As Coach” skills training workshop for parents and carers of young people.  

The workshop can be delivered over 2-4 hours in groups 

What is included?

√ Online Leader Accreditation Training

You will be taken step by step through the program and all the resources, via self paced instructional training videos, so you can confidently deliver the “Parent As Coach” Workshop with parents and carers in your school or community.

Parents will identify their strengths and parenting style, and learn some key coaching skills and strategies that will assist them be supportive, and effective change agents in their children’s lives.  

They will also learn The G.O.A.L Coaching Conversation, a simple yet powerful approach, to assist them lead targeted, optimistic and strength based conversations, that build the self awareness, self responsibility and resilience young people need to overcome obstacles and be their best in their life, career and study. 

(This Module is ideally designed for parents whose children have completed their life, career or school performance pathway plans, but can also be delivered as a stand alone workshop)

Parents As Coach Overview

Parent will …

1. Reflect on and share their current parenting experience

2. Identify their vision for positive parenting

3. Understand their parenting style and key strengths

4. Identify potential blockers to moving ahead

5. Identify priority areas they want to work on

6. Learn some key communication and coaching skills

7. Learn and practise The G.O.A.L Coaching Conversation 

8. Design action steps to be their best

Plus all the resources to start coaching straight away, including… 

Parent As Coach facilitator Slideshow

Parent As Coach Leader’s Manual – PDF

Parent As Coach Printable Worksheet – PDF

The G.O.A.L Coaching Conversation – PDF

My Life Coaching Activity E-Cards

My LifeType Activity Coaching E-Cards

Emotional Intelligence (E.Q) Coaching Activity E-Cards

Leader’s Manual

Parent Worksheet – PDF

Step by Step Slideshows

My Lifetype Coaching – E-Cards

My Life Coaching – E-Cards

Emotional Intelligence Coaching – E-Cards

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