Peer Coaching Skills Module

For all Coaches, Trainers and youth professionals

About Peer Coaching Skills Training

CYPFS Peer Coaching Skills Module is a train the trainer Model, which provides youth professionals, coaches and educators the TRAINING and the “ready to deliver” RESOURCES they need to train young people to be student leaders and peer mentor /coaches.

The Peer Coaching Skills Module, comes with a leader’s manual, step by step slideshow and student workbook, which includes up to 10 hours of peer coaching skills activities to assist young people develop the skills they need to confidently support each other develop and achieve their life, wellbeing, career and school performance goals.

What is included?

Leader Accreditation Training

Through a combination of online self paced videos and a live coaching sessions with a CYPFS trainer, we will take you step by step through the Module and all the resources, so you can confidently train young people to develop the skills they need to be effective peer coaches within their own school or community group.

You will also learn The G.O.A.L Coaching Conversation©, which is a simple but powerful framework that peer coaches can use to assist each other identify their goals, design action plans and then be support them to develop the resilience they need to be successful.

The peer coaching skills training module is designed to compliment the Life, Career and school Performance coaching modules but can also be delivered as a stand alone program or enhance an existing mentoring program.

Module Overview:

1. What is Coaching?

2. The Role of a Peer coach

 3. Understand the main skills and qualities of a great peer coach

 4. Identify their personality type and their key strengths 

5. Learn deep listening skills

6. Learn how to listen for and feedback strengths

7. Learn solutions focussed Vs problem focussed questions

8. Learn and practise The G.O.A.L Coaching Conversation 

9. Future program planning



Plus all the resources to deliver straight away, including …

Peer Coaching Slideshow galleries

Peer Coaching Leader’s Manual

Peer Coaching Workbook – PDF 

Completion Certificate – PDF

G.O.A.L Coaching conversation sheet – PDF

My Life Coaching Activity E-Cards

My LifeType Coaching Activity E-Cards


√  A 12 month License to the Peer Coaching Library to coach as many young people as you wish.

√  CYPFS Peer Coach Accreditation Certificate

√  All Program Upgrades

√  Ongoing access to the Leader training videos 

√  A web directory listing – Optional

√  Stay in touch with our CYPFS Leaders Newsletter

Training Fee

$700 pp  (plus GST for Australia)

– includes a 12 month commercial license –

(Annual Renewal is  $55 pp per year) 

Steps to get coaching..

Step 1. Click the Register Now Button

Step 2. Purchase & complete your online training

Step 3. Receive your Member Login and access the Peer Coaching Resource Library

4. Start coaching peer leaders straight away!


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