Peer Coaching Skills 

The CYPFS Peer Coaching Skills training Module provides CYPFS Leaders with the resources they need to introduce peer coaching as part of an extended CYPFS Program.

The Peer Coaching Skills Module includes a step by step slideshow and leader’s manual which includes up to 10 hours of peer coaching skill activities to assist young people develop the skills they need to support each other implement their Life, Career and School Performance Action Plans in pairs or small groups on an ongoing basis.

Training Overview:
1. Introduction to coaching and peer coaching
2. Skills and qualities of a great peer coach
3. Practice key coaching skills
4. Coach each other using the G.O.A.L coaching conversation
5. Review and Program Planning

NB: The peer coaching module is designed to be delivered in conjunction with the other modules.

Included Resources:

  • Peer Coaching Slideshow (online Leader’s Library)
  • Peer Coaching Leader’s Manual 
  • Life Vision Coaching Cards
  • Life Type Coaching Cards
  • G.O.A.L Coaching conversation sheet (online Leader’s Library)

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