School Performance Coaching Module 

 Includes Steps for My School Success 
My TOP Performance Plan

For all Teachers, Tutors & Coaches

Assist students take their performance to the next level! 


Many may think that students with the highest I.Q. will be the best school performers, but research shows this is not necessarily the case.  Natural ability is important, but ultimately, it is what you do each day that makes the difference.

Research shows that students who willingly examine their academic concerns, are connected to an inspiring vision, and have a clear action plan, are 80% more likely to be successful with their learning goals.

This Program includes two ‘ready to deliver” school performance Modules, that come with the RESOURCES and TRAINING teachers and coaches need to coach students of all ages in groups, one to one or online straight away.

1. Steps For My School Success

For Junior students – Year 6 – 12

Can be delivered in a 1.5 – 2 hour workshop or one to one 

The Steps For My School Success Module assist  motivate students to take responsibility for their own learning from the inside-out.

You will guide each student through the Five Steps of P.O.W.E.R Coaching, where they will get to review their current school performance and design a personalised “Steps For My School Success” action plan that is owned by them.

The learning plan can then be used to guide action and can be reviewed on a regular basis with the support of the parent, teacher or peer coach to assist young people take their school performance to a new level.

Program Overview

You will assist young people to 

1.Review how they feel about their current school performance.

2.Identify how they would love it to be.

3.Assess their current personal performance in 10 priority areas.

4. Assess their current academic performance.

5. Set goals in the top priority areas they want to improve.

6. Weigh up the costs and benefits of making the effort to reach their goals.

7. Identify the potential blockers and the skills they will need to get there.

8. Design a plan and identify the SMART steps they will take straight away.

2. My TOP Performance Plan Module

For Year 9 – Tertiary Students

Can be delivered in a 1.5 -2  hour workshop or one to one 

The My TOP Performance Plan has more of a focus on assisting senior and tertiary students develop personal strategies to be their best while coping with the competing demands of a heavy workload and exam pressures.

The CYPFS leader will take students through The FIVE P.O.W.E.R Coaching steps, to assist them design a personalised, “My TOP Performance Plan” that includes the steps and changes they need to take to MAXIMISE their success at school.

The plan can then be used as a guide for action and can be reviewed throughout the year.

Program Overview

You will assist young people  to 

1. Review their current performance

2. Identify their personal performance blockers

3. Learn the skills and habits of top school performers

4.  Set their own school performance goals

5. Complete a weekly schedule to get the balance right

6. Assess their current level of motivation for change

7. Identify the strategies they could take to improve their performance

8. Design a tailor-made action plan of the steps they will take

Both Modules come with 

Leader’s Online Instructional videos  (1-1.5  hours of self-paced training )

Leader’s Manual – PDF

12 month access to the slideshow galleries and
nlimited printing of the Pathway Plan Worksheets – PDF

Performance Coaching Activity E-Cards – Printable

My Life Coaching Activity E-Cards – Printable

Student Completion Certificates– PDF


Plus you will …

√ Be registered as a CYPFS Performance Coaching Accredited User with Life Business Consultancy, Australia

√  Receive your CYPFS Performance Coaching Leader’s Certificate

√  Have a 12 month License to access and deliver the  program & print the worksheets for every young person you coach

√ Download the Coaching E-Cards for lifelong use

√  Maintain access to the online training program with your licence renewal

√  Stay in touch with our CYPFS Leaders Newsletter

Elect to have a Web directory Listing

√ Access All Program Upgrades  

(Annual license is $50 AUD per leader)

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