Performance Coaching – Steps For My School Success

The Steps For My School Success Module is designed to motivate students in Years 7 – 10 to take responsibility for their own learning and set meaningful learning goals from the inside out.

The workshop can be repeated at the beginning of each year and reviewed throughout the year to assist young people reset their own learning goals on a regular basis.

The CYPFS Leader will take the young person through the 5 P.O.W.E.R coaching steps to assist them design a “Steps For My School Success” Action Plan that is personalised and owned by them.

Each young person will:-

Review how they feel their performance is currently and identify how they would love it to be.

Assess their current personal and subject performance and identify the priority areas they want to develop.

Weigh up the costs and benefits of making the effort to make the changes  and take the action they need to reach their goals.

Identify the potential blockers to moving ahead and what skills they will need to develop to get there.

Design their own action steps that will improve their performance in both their personal and academic performance.

The Module can be completed as a 2 hour workshop or one to one and can also be delivered in conjunction with the Life, Career and Peer coaching modules to form an extended coaching program.


Included Resources:

  • Steps for My School Success Slideshow (online Leader’s Library)
  • Steps for My School Success Leader’s Manual 
  • Steps For My School Success Pathway Plan (printable PDF  or Writable PDF)
  • Life Vision Coaching Cards
  • Performance Coaching Cards

With a Printable and Re-writable PDF
Pathway Plan Worksheet

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