“We offer training in career development to professionals in the field, when we have asked what their best tools were, those who had done CYPFS training chose it as number one without fail”
Garry Gilfoy, Counselling & Career Development Lecturer TAFE SA

“In 2010 the Student Support committee (SSLI) brought CYPFS to North Bay, Canada to help us introduce a common coaching methodology across the public and catholic schools, health, child protection and youth justice services.We have now trained 8 trainers who have trained over 200 leaders and have supported the translation of the Program into French. The training and modules are getting a great response from all sectors and is having a great impact with young people.”
Jeffrey Hawkins, Executive Director
Hands TheFamilyHelpNetwork.ca, North Bay, Ontario

“The CYPFS program assists us to provide a high quality and consistent approach to case management across the agency and is getting great outcomes with the young people we support. I am also a passionate CYPFS Trainer and deliver the leaders training to other youth agencies and schools across the state.”

Kerrie Sellen, Manager
Re-Engage Youth Service, South Australia

“For several years we have been incorporating CYPFS into our aboriginal peer mentoring programs using the resources both one to one and in groups, providing opportunities for the young people to set meaningful goals and develop their own unique career and life pathway plan with outstanding results.”
Lee-Anne Smith, CEO
Halo leadership development agency inc. Western Australia

“I have encouraged all our school career practitioners in Western Australia to use the Life Business CYPFS program. It is a holistic approach to help create a career development culture in our schools and assists students to explore all aspects of their life, learning and work.”
Peter Carey, Learning and Teaching Consultant
Catholic Education Department, Western Australia

“CYPFS is an empowering opportunity for young people to become re-engaged and excited about their own lives and futures.”
Bec Weatherford, Teacher, Deception Bay High School, Queensland

“CYPFS forms the basis of our Pathway planning for all students from Year 9 through to Year 12. Meeshed with a few other bits and pieces we feel it is a vital part of our students career planning and assists them to stay on track and plan a life they would love to lead!”
Jodie McCarthy, Carwatha College P-12 Victoria

“As a newby to the Territory I found almost 30 years of teaching very helpful with the initial shock. However if I had known about this program earlier and undergone the course earlier, the shock may have been only a surprise and both my personal and professional life would have been so well informed and probably gone a lot smoother.”
Liz Lacey, PLP Coordinator,
Taminmin College, Northern Territory

“An effective easy to follow approach to use with young people to inspire them to reach achievable goals”
Clare Beckingham, FLO Project Case Manager,
Service to Youth Council South Australia

“CYPFS provides an excellent framework for goal setting and career pathway planning Highly recommended”
Steve Smith YR 10 YLC
District High School, Queensland

“This week we had our first go at delivering the career coaching program to year 11’s. We broke it up into boys and girls, girls day one and boys day two for four periods with three of us delivering (about 20 students each).Feedback from students was amazingly positive. Basically all students felt they had a clearer direction than before it. They also completed evaluations where over 70% (heading towards 80%) rated the program at or above 7 out of ten.
During my own sessions I could feel when students were connecting with what we were trying to achieve and a great deal of the worksheets went into greater detail and demonstrated greater effort than you might see these kids put in, in a normal class. When comparing this with what students had experienced in careers education in the past they said “it’s impossible to compare, it’s motivating” and that was from a class of boys!!! It seemed to me that students felt motivated and empowered to make a difference in their own lives. For me at this point I am feeling highly positive and motivated and will be working on plans to roll out the careers coaching elements to year 10’s and maybe year 9’s and also looking at how we can incorporate other modules into what we do at our school.
Hope you’re feeling as positive about what you are doing as I am right now.”

Rob Johnson, Careers/ MIPs Manager, Swan Hill College Victoria

“Excellent Stuff! Very practical and student /staff friendly.
Peter Earnshaw YR 8 Manager
Colac College, Victoria 

“Extremely useful program that can really improve teacher/student connectedness thus enhancing positive planning, goal setting and pathways for all students”.
Thomas Hallinan, VCAL Later Years Manager
Eummerring College Victoria

“The program is very interesting and thought provoking for staff. Would be equally valuable for students”
Mandy Bashin, VCE Manager
Eummerring College Hallam, Victoria

“it is the coaching for the coaches. At every point you are in control and in the know and I was left feeling more confident, clear courageous towards coaching young people”
Allan Ball – Youth Worker
YouthJet LCP, South Australia

“I found the training really informative for myself and for the young people I have been working with in schools. Since completing the training, I’ve delivered the program in small groups and with individuals. Ive found it an excellent tool, to get the imagination working, to have a vehicle to connect with, which is positive, to help a young person see how something as boring as school actually fits into their life rather than them being forced to go there. Its very empowering for a young person to take control over their life, even if they arent quite old enough to make every decision. They know they’re on THEIR path”.
Kerry Howell, Youthworker
Mission Australia, South Australia

“We are very fortunate to now offer our Year 10 girls the excellent “Coaching Young People For Success program.” The holistic approach of the program as well as the close involvement of our pastoral staff means very positive outcomes for our girls in planning and exploring options to be the best they can in their life and work.”
Di Cornish, Careers Counsellor
Loreto Mandeville Hall, Toorak, VIctoria

“The Program has transformed my job as a Career and Transitions worker and helped me introduce a systematic and sustainable way of assisting large numbers of young people develop a tailored made plan for their future.”
Judith Keurschner , Career And Transition Service Co-ordinator,
Alice Springs Northern Territory

“I really appreciate the way the Program affirms young people from all works of life. Young people will take ownership of their future and become something inspiring to future generations! Imagine how great our country would be if all our children had access to this Program”
Anita Synott – Pathways Co-ordinator
Yirara College, N.T, Aus

“I presented the Life and Career Coaching workshop with the community VCAL kids. It was fantastic!!! I thoroughly enjoyed presenting it, and the kids were great. When we were finished, I asked them for some feedback and they all felt it was really helpful and good fun. I am really enthused about the program and feel it will be of great benefit for us all in the Youth Pathway Program.”
K. Jacobs, Youth Pathways Worker
Link Employment, Dandenong, Victoria 

“Fantastic practical toolkit to get real answers and workable goals for young peoples future. Highly recommended!”
Christina Borger – LCP Coordinator
Rivers Regional Youth Deveploment Service Inc, Northern Territory, Ausralia

“This is a process with great integrity. I look forward to using it “

Fred Slade Yr 10 Coordinator
North Geelong College Victoria

“A structured approach to goal setting and goal attainment Excellent resources and materials.”Just to let you know I have been using the Program and have thorougly enjoyed using it. It’s a powerful tool and students have given me most positive feedback from it. Regards,”
Maria Salvatore, Preston Girls Secondary College, Melbourne