Day 1. CYPFS Leader Accreditation Overview

(Day 1. can be completed via workshop or online)

Participants will learn the coaching approach to working with young people and experience first hand how to deliver all the CYPFS coaching modules and resources by designing their own life and career pathway plan.

During this process the five POWER coaching steps are showcased allowing each participant to experience the link between the coaching structure and the influence it has on enhancing motivation, building emotional skills and promoting successful goal attainment in young people.

This layered step by step experiential training will enable participants to effectively and confidently deliver the first six coaching modules in both groups and one to one with the young people they support.

**Each participant will also get to complete their own life and career coaching plan as part of the training process! 

Training Outline:

  1. Introduction to coaching and positive psychology
  2. Overview of the CYPFS Program & Resources
  3. Learn the 5 Step P.O.W.E.R Coaching Model for successful goal attainment
  4. Experiential Session – Module 1. Career Coaching – “My Life and Career Pathway Plan”
  5. Experiential Session – Module 2. Life Coaching – “Steps for My Life Success” Master Plan
  6. Module 3. Performance Coaching – “My TOP Performance Plan”
  7. Module 4. Performance Coaching – “Steps For My School Success”
  8.  Module 5. Moving Up – Steps for My High School Success”
  9. Discussion and Review

CYPFS Accreditation training includes:-

  • A 12 month licence and member login to the online library for each participant.
  • Leader Accreditation Certificate and registration with Life Business Consultancy.
  • Unlimited use of the CYPFS program, gallery slideshows for every module.
  • Printing of all pathway plan worksheets.
  • Up to 8o hours of extended coaching activities.
  • All upgrades
  • Training certificate

Day 2. Advanced Coaching Skills Training – optional

(Day 2. can be completed via workshop only)

The Advanced Coaching Skills training will assist CYPFS Leaders further consolidate their theoretical and practical skills they need to assist young people develop the emotional skills they need to overcome obstacles and achieve positive and lasting behaviour change.

Leaders will learn a number of solution focused and strength based coaching strategies and how to lead powerful coaching conversations using The GOAL coaching conversation to assist young people implement their pathway plans on an ongoing basis.

The second day will also assist leaders to be able to successfully introduce and facilitate the “Peer Coaching Skills” and “Parent As Coach” modules within their programs.

Training Outline:

  1. Coaching, Positive Psychology and the POWER coaching Model.
  2. The role of the coach and the coaching mindset.
  3. Identify your personal strengths and areas for development as a coach.
  4. Learn key coaching skills and strategies that enhance motivation and promote lasting behaviour change.
  5. Learn and practice the GOAL coaching conversation for successful goal attainment.
  6. Review Peer Coaching Skills Module.
  7. Review Parent as Coach Module.
  8. Make a personal and organisational implementation plan.