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“Happiness is always an inside job”

Watch Video: Making a plan for your Emotional Health

Your emotional health is an important part of your overall health and is a critical factor in
leading a healthy and happy life. Overall, emotionally healthy people tend to have a positive
attitude towards themselves and a strong sense of self.

Emotionally healthy people are able to:

1) Understand what they are feeling at different times.
2) Manage their emotions well even when under stress.
3) Build and maintain good relationships with other people.
4) Show empathy and connect to the emotions of others.
5) Experience joy and happiness in their life.
5) Be open to learn new things and grow. 
6) Seek support when they need it.

You can build and strengthen your emotional skills throughout your life with practice and
experience. There are lots of steps you can take to build and nurture your emotional wellbeing, so that you can feel stronger, healthier and happier on a daily basis.

Next activity: Take a self-assessment quiz, to see how you feel your emotional health is tracking.

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