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“Take good care of your body, it is the only place you have to live in”

Watch Video: Making a plan for your physical health

Living a healthy lifestyle and looking after your body is really important to your overall long-term wellbeing, happiness and success in life.

There are many factors that effect your health, including your biological makeup, the environment you live in, your access to good healthcare and your lifestyle. Some of things you are in your control of and some you are not.

However, we can influence our short and long-term health greatly by taking care of our bodies and making good lifestyle choices on a daily basis.

These include:

1. Your level of physical activity.
2. The amount of sleep and rest you get.
3. The quality of your diet and nutrition.
4. Your level of personal hygiene.
5. Your risk taking behaviour. (ie. levels of drugs, alcohol or dangerous activities)

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