You have now completed your own life and career pathway plan.

Watch the video: How to review and track your progress!

Re-take the POWER quiz to measure your progress.

You can then compare your results to the first time you took the quiz, and measure your growth and progress since you began the My Career Coach program.

Your plan can act as a guide that you can follow to keep you on track to turn your goals into a reality.

But, remember, life and career planning is not a one-off decision but an ongoing journey of self-discovery and decision making.

As you take action from today, you will learn and grow along the way. Opportunities will present themselves that will allow you to move you forward or may even lead you on a different and more exciting pathway. You come back and review and reset any of your life and career goals at any time.

So, be proactive, never give up and most of all listen and trust yourself, as you are the true expert in your own life. 

From Robyn,

Your Career Coach


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