Step 3. Develop Willpower

"Your own resolution to succeed, is more important than any other thing."

Abraham Lincoln

Watch the video – Developing Willpower

Do you have the motivation you need to achieve your goals?

Motivation can come from outside us, from other people and society, and from inside us, our own internal motivation.

People who are really passionate about their goals are more likely to have the motivation they need to persevere and overcome any obstacles along the way.

Weigh up the costs and benefits of achieving your goals

It is really important that you weigh up the cost and benefits of achieving any goal. Because if the cost of achieving them out-weighs the benefits, you are not likely to pursue them. They will just drop by the way side.

Ask yourself:

  • How IMPORTANT are your goals?
  • What will the COSTS of making the effort be?
  • What will the BENEFITS be if you are successful?
  • What DIFFERENCE would it make if you were successful?
  • Is it WORTH your effort?

If your number is 7 or under, it seems you are wondering if your goals are worth pursuing. This could be for many reasons, perhaps your goals are too big and you need to go back and make them more achievable or perhaps you lack self-belief and are doubting your ability to achieve them.


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