Step 4. Build Emotional Skills

Do you have "can-do" or "can't do" attitudes?

Watch the video – What emotional skills (E.Q) will you need to be successful?

Being intellectually smart is not the main predictor of future success or happiness in life or work.

Research says, people with strong emotional skills are likely to be happier, healthier and more successful.

This is because people with strong emotional skills are more likely to be able to overcome any personal or external obstacles they may face along the way and bounce back from setbacks.

Some of these key skills include having “can-do” attitudes, self-belief, resilience, persistence and creating a strong network of support.

Understanding your own E.Q strengths and the E.Q. skills that you need to develop will really help you move ahead.

Take a short E.Q Quiz to see how you are tracking.

You are now nearly there!

The final step is to identify what action you will take from here to get started.


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