Emotional Intelligence coaching cards

Emotional Intelligence coaching cards

Includes 30 x A5 cards with instruction sheet

The My E.Q coaching card sort depict thirty key emotional skills that we all need to be our best in our life, work and relationships. The E.Q cards assist people to identify their emotional strengths and weaknesses and key areas for development to be their best in life, work and in relationships.

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(Includes 32 x A5 cards with instruction sheet). Available in ENGLISH, FRENCH, SPANISH and TURKISH!

My Emotional Intelligence coaching card deck identifies 32 key emotional and social skills that are drawn from Emotional Intelligence theory, that practitioners can use in groups one to one with young people 12 plus, and adults to enhance any personal, team, performance, leadership and parenting development and coaching programs. 

The cards can be used as a teaching tool to facilitate learning around E.Q theory and how these key skills are to important for success, wellbeing and productivity in all areas of life. 

They can also be used as a personal coaching tool for personal, team leadership, relationship and team coaching. Where individuals or groups can identify their key strengths and key areas for development and design a personal E.Q skill development plan that can be used as a guide for ongoing coaching and skill development. 

The card deck comes with an instruction sheet outlining a range of coaching activities for group work or one to one coaching sessions in individual or group coaching settings. The activities draw on evidence based, solution-focussed and strengths-based practices and principles from life and emotional intelligence coaching, positive psychology and hope theory.

All suggested activities connect the individual to their INNER EXPERT, to assist them identify and celebrate their unique strengths, set goals and  design a  their action steps for successful goal attainment.

Applications of My E.Q Coaching Cards

  • Personal development and coaching
  • Leadership Coaching
  • Team Coaching
  • Parenting Coaching
  • Relationship Coaching


This card deck and can be used as a stand alone activity or delivered alongside other card decks to enhance any of your life, career, relationship or team coaching programs.. plus more!

* The E.Q cards are also designed to be delivered as a key exercise within the Life Coaching Module

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