"My Life" Coaching Cards

The cards include 52 black and white images that assist people to easily connect and articulate how they feel about any area, problem or situation in their life and easily identify how they would love it to be from the inside-out!

Available in English, Spanish, French, Serbian and Turkish!

Hard copy cards available only in Australia & NZ 

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My Life Coaching Cards

(includes 52 black and white A5 cards with activity sheet)
Available in English, French, Spanish, Serbian and Turkish!
Download and print for lifelong use

The My Life coaching cards will assist every coach to lead deeper and more meaningful future focussed conversations with people of all ages.
The 52 black and white images in the deck assists people connect to their inner expert and gain clarity around how they are feeling about the past, present and how they would love their future to be in any area of their life. This includes their career, study, work performance, finances, relationships, parenting and emotions plus more! 

The cards assist people create a mental picture of how they would love things to be, that can then act as a guide for future decisions and the actions they need to take to make it a reality.The whole emphasis is about assisting people to move ahead in order achieve greater wellbeing, life satisfaction and performance.

Applications of My Life Coaching Cards

  1. Increase self awareness and personal growth
  2. Reflect on the past, present and the future
  3. Create a vision for all areas of life
  4. Move from vision to planning, action and success

The card deck comes with suggested activities for groups and one to one.
All activities draw from life and emotional intelligence coaching, positive psychology and hope theory principles and practice, which means they are all evidence and strength based and solutions focussed. 

Every activity focuses on connecting the individual to their INNER EXPERT, so they can set goals around their own inspiring vision of the future.

CARD DECK COMBINATIONS This card deck can be used as a stand alone activity or delivered alongside other card decks to enhance any of your life, career, relationship or team coaching programs.. plus more!

* Also designed to be delivered as a key exercise within the

  • CYPFS Life Coaching Module
  • CYPFS Performance Coaching Modules
  • Moving Up – Primary to High School Transition Module
  • Parent as Coach Module

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English, French, Spanish, Serbian, Turkish

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A4, USLetter, A5

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