Coaching YOUNG PEOPLE for Success


For youth professionals, educators and coaches.

CYPFS is a holistic program

Coaching Young People For Success (CYPFS) is designed to assist all youth professionals and educators who work in private or community settings, bring the power of evidenced based coaching and positive psychology to their work with young people.

The Complete Program includes all SIX of the Modules in the CYPFS Series. It covers all aspects of personal wellbeing, academic performance and career development and comes with the training and resources and up to 80 hours of potential youth, parent and peer coaching skills curriculum that you can deliver straight into any new or existing group, one to one or online coaching program.

What is included?


Each Module can be delivered individually as a stand alone program or combined to form extended coaching program.

Module 1. Career Coaching

The Career Coaching Module will take young people on a journey of self-discovery where they will complete a who am I? profile, connect to their key strengths and design an inspiring life and career pathway plan that matches their vision, values and preferred lifestyle. 

Module 2. Life Coaching

The Life Coaching Module assists young people design a “Steps for My Life Success” action plan. Using the life wheel young people will identify the priority  areas they want to work on and the steps they need to take to achieve greater health and well-being in all areas of their life. 

Module 3. Performance Coaching

Steps for My School Success (Junior)

Steps For My SCHOOL Success is a highly effective way to empower students of all ages to take responsibility for their learning. Students will review their academic and personal performance, identify potential blockers and then set and review their learning goals and action plan on a regular basis.

My TOP Performance Plan (Senior)

The My TOP Performance Plan Module will teach senior students the strategies of TOP school performers, then take them through a step by step process to design a tailor made action plan that will take their own performance to a new level.

Plus a Bonus – My Success Module

When you purchase the complete program, you also receive access to the My Success Module. Thus Module allows you to deliver the life, career and school performance coaching modules as one seamless program, and comes with its own leader’s manual printable and re-writable workbook and slideshow galleries for delivery in both individual and group coaching settings.

Module 4. Peer Coaching Skills

This module provides CYPFS leaders with a ready to deliver coaching skills training workshop to assist young people develop the skills they need to become effective peer coaches so they can support each other implement their pathway plans on an ongoing basis.


Module 5. Parent as a Coach

Deliver the  “Parent as Coach” Module and assist parents develop the key coaching skills to lead powerful coaching conversations and  successfully support their children develop the social and emotional skills they need to overcome obstacles and implement their life, career and school performance goals on an ongoing basis.


Module 6. Moving Up - Steps For My High School Success

The Moving Up module assists students make a successful transition from Primary to High School. They will reflect on on their Primary years, understand the differences and challenges they may face, identify their goals and the potential steps, strategies and skills they will need to have fun and be their best.


Each Module includes all the resources you need to coach in groups or one to one straight away!

A Leader’s Manual

A step by step guide to deliver every module

Online Resource Library

With up to 8o hours of potential coaching curriculum

Slideshow Galleries

For groups and one to one

Pathway Plan Worksheets

Printable & Re-Writable PDF’s

A POWER Coaching E-Card Kit

A POWER Coaching E-Card Kit

The Complete program comes with all nine sets of coaching activity e-card sorts in the series. The cards can be downloaded and printed for lifelong use. Together the cards are a powerful toolkit to assist people connect to their inner expert, build their self-awareness and will enhance the depth and quality of all your coaching conversations.

All Coaching Cards can also be purchased individually and come with their own instruction sheet.

Leader Accreditation Training

So you can confidently deliver all the CYPFS Modules in groups or one to one.

Complete your CYPFS leader Accreditation training through a combination of online series of self paced instructional videos, coaching activities and live coaching sessions with a trainer. 

You will be taken step by step through the SIX COACHING Modules and learn how to confidently deliver them in both GROUPS and ONE to ONE or together to form an extended coaching program.

During this process The POWER Coaching Model© will be showcased, with an opportunity to complete your own life and career coaching plan. 

You will also receive...

  • Registration as a CYPFS Accredited User with Life Business Consultancy, Australia
  • A CYPFS Leader’s Accreditation Certificate
  • A 12 month Commercial License to access and print all the resources for every person you coach (with only $100 per year subscription renewal)
  • Download the 9 sets of POWER coaching E-cards for lifelong use
  • Ongoing access to the online leader training
  • Stay in touch with our CYPFS Leaders Newsletter
  • A Web Directory Listing (optional)
  • All Program Upgrades

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Price: $1,700 (AUD) plus $100 annual subscription

Or choose any card set or Module and customise a program to suit you.

The POWER Coaching Card Kit
Available in Hard Copy or E-Copy
$ 300 One Off
  • My Qualities Coaching Cards
  • My Interest Coaching Cards
  • My Life Motivator Coaching Cards
  • My Lifestyle Coaching Cards
  • My Workstyle Coaching Cards
  • My Life Vision Coaching Cards
  • My E.Q Coaching Cards
  • My LifeType Coaching Cards
  • My Performance Coaching Cards
Select Individual Modules
Customise to suit you!
$ 350 - 700 0 - $50 Licence per year
  • All Modules are available in English, French or Spanish
  • Module 1. Career Coaching – $700
  • Module 2. Life Coaching – $700
  • Module 3. School Performance – $700
  • Module 4. Peer Coaching Skills – $700
  • Module 5. Parent As Coach – $400
  • Module 6. Moving Up – High School Transition
$ 2,100 Plus Capped Annual Licence of $100
  • Available in French, English or Spanish
  • 1. Career Coaching – My Life and Career Pathway Plan
  • 2. Life Coaching – Steps for My Life Success
  • 3. Performance Coaching – Steps for My School Success
  • Plus the BONUS My Success Planner

  • Each Module includes:
  • Leader Accreditation Training
  • Slideshow galleries for delivery in groups & one to one
  • Leader’s Manual – PDF
  • Printable and Re-Writable Workbooks – PDF’s
  • Plus all Nine Sets of E-Coaching Cards
  • Optional – Web Directory Listing
  • Plus the first 12 month license


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