Coaching YOUNG PEOPLE for Success

The essentials pROGRAM

A life, career and school performance coaching program

For youth professionals, educators and coaches.

About the CYPFS Essentials Program

The Essentials Program includes THREE CORE modules Life, Career and School Performance plus the bonus -My Success module. 

Access all the TRAINING and RESOURCES you need to assist young people connect to who they are, find direction and design an inspiring Life, Career and School Performance Pathway plan and support them to achieve it. 

This package equates to a comprehensive ready to deliver 40-60 hour coaching curriculum.

What is included?

Each Module includes all the resources you need

Everything you need to confidently deliver in groups, one to one or online

CYPFS Life, Career & School Performance Coaching Modules

1. Career Coaching Module - My Life and Career Pathway Plan

The Career Coaching Module takes young people on a journey of self-discovery. They  complete a who am I? profile, connect with their strengths and design an inspiring life and career pathway plan that aligns with their vision, values and desired lifestyle. 

2. Life Coaching Module - Steps My Life Success

The Life Coaching Module guides young people through the design of a “Steps for My Life Success” action plan. Using the life wheel they will identify priority areas they want to improve and the steps they will take  to achieve greater health, well-being and fulfilment in all aspects of their life. 

3. Performance Coaching Module

Steps for School Success (Junior)

Steps For My SCHOOL Success empowers students to take responsibility for their learning. Students will review their academic and personal performance, identify potential blockers, then set and regularly review their learning goals and action plan.


My TOP Performance Plan (Senior)

 My TOP Performance Plan Module teaches senior students the commonalities of TOP school performers. They then use this knowledge to design a tailor- made action plan that will take their performance to a new level.


BONUS "My Success" Module

When you purchase The Essentials Program you will also receive access to the “My Success” Module, which allows  you to deliver the Life, Career and School Performance coaching modules as one seamless program; complete with its own leaders manual, printable workbook, and slideshow galleries.

to deliver in groups, one to one or online including...

A Leader’s Manual

A guide to each module

Member Resource Library
Slideshow Galleries

For groups and one to one

Pathway Plan Worksheets

Print for every person you coach

+ And up to 60 hours of coaching curriculum.

A POWER Coaching E-Card Kit

The Essentials program comes with all nine sets of coaching activity e-card sorts which can be downloaded and printed for lifelong use. Together the cards are a powerful toolkit for coaches to assist people connect to their inner expert, build their self-awareness and enhance the depth and quality of all their coaching conversations.

Leader Accreditation Training for every Module

Complete your CYPFS leader Accreditation training through a combination of online series of self paced instructional videos and a live coaching session with a trainer. You will be taken step by step through the THREE COACHING Modules and learn how to confidently deliver them in GROUP and ONE to ONE coaching sessions and how to combine them to form an extended coaching program.

During this process The POWER Coaching Model© will be showcased, with the opportunity to complete your own life and career coaching plan. 

You will also receive

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and leader training straight away.

Commercial license

$2,000.00 up front, and $100.00 per year

Community license

$600 up front, and $100 per year

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To promote good practice, please note that you are advised to use the CYPFS program materials within the boundaries of your professional expertise. 


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