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A life, career and school performance coaching "toolkit" for youth professionals, educators and coaches.

About the CYPFS Essentials Program

The CYPFS Essentials program includes the key pillars that form the foundation of a young persons life.

This industry leading program covers all aspects of emotional and social wellbeing, academic performance and career planning and development. 

You will instantly access the RESOURCES and the TRAINING you need to assist you people design an inspiring life, career and school performance pathway plan from the inside-out and then support them to achieve it on an ongoing basis. 

Each Module can be delivered on its own or combined together to form a comprehensive extended program with up to 50 hours of potential coaching curriculum, for groups, one to one and online.

Module 1. Career Coaching

The Career Coaching Module takes young people on a journey of self-discovery. The will complete a who am I? personal profile and connect to their strengths and design an inspiring life and career pathway plan that aligns with their vision, values and desired lifestyle. 

The career “toolkit” includes instant access to:​

Online training
with leader’s manual

Slideshow gallery 
for groups & one to one.

Pathway Plan Worksheet

LifeType coaching e-cards

Career Interest profiles 

coaching e-cards

Life Motivator
coaching e-card

coaching e-cards

coaching e-cards

coaching e-cards

Module 2. Life Coaching

The Life Coaching Module guides young people through the design of a “Steps for My Life Success” action plan. Using the life wheel they will identify priority areas they want to improve and the steps they will take  to achieve greater health, well-being and fulfilment in all aspects of their life. 

The life “toolkit” includes instant access to:​

Online training

Leader’s Manual

Life Coach Manual Pic

Slideshow Gallery


Life Coaching Worksheet

My Life Coaching e-cards

E.Q Coaching e-cards

POWER Questions


Participant Certificate

Module 3. School Performance Coaching

The performance “toolkit” includes instant access to:​

The Steps For My School Success - Junior years module

Steps For My SCHOOL Success empowers students to take responsibility for their own learning. Students will review their academic and personal performance in ten key areas, identify their learning goals and make an action plan to improve their performance. 

Online training
and Leader’s manual

Slideshow Gallery

Student Worksheet

Student certificate

My Life coaching e-cards

The My TOP Performance Plan - Senior years module

My TOP Performance Plan Module teaches senior students the skills and habits of TOP school performers. They then use this knowledge to identify the skills they need to design a tailor-made action plan that will take their performance to a new level.

Online training
and Leader’s manual

Slideshow Gallery

Student Worksheet

Student certificate

My Life coaching e-cards

Plus the "My Success" Module

The Essentials Program also includes access to the bonus “My Success” Module allows you to deliver the life, career and school performance coaching modules as one seamless program. It comes with its own leader’s manual, printable workbook and slideshow galleries for easy delivery in both individual and group coaching settings.

+ up to 60 hours of suggested coaching curriculum

You will also receive

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Commercial Licence

For private practitioners and coaches

$2,400.00 up front, and $100.00 per year

Community Licence

For schools and youth organisations

$600 up front, and $100 per year 

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To promote good practice, please note that you are advised to use the CYPFS program materials within the boundaries of your professional expertise. 


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