Life Coaching Card Kit

The Life Coaching Card Kit includes the four must have card sets from the POWER Coaching Card series. The four sets of coaching cards provide a toolkit to assist every coach lead powerful conversations to assist people connect to their inner expert and identify their vision, values, lifestyle preferences and E.Q skills. Each card set comes with its own instruction sheet and can be used as a stand-alone activity or combined to make a life coaching toolkit for use in both groups and one to one coaching settings.

Available in English, French, Spanish, Serbian and Turkish 

Hard copy cards available in Australia & NZ only

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The Life Coaching Card Kit

The Kit includes four sets of the coaching activity cards from the series.
Available in English, French, Spanish, Serbian and Turkish.
(In hard copy on English in Australia and NZ only)
Download and print for lifelong use


The Life Coaching card kit comes with the four must have coaching cards for every life coach. Together the cards have been chosen to assist people of all ages answer the questions, who am I?, what do I want? what is important to me?and what skills do need to develop to get there in any area of life. 

Each card deck comes with an instruction sheet outlining a range of coaching activities for use in groups or one to one coaching sessions.

All the activities are evidence based and arise out of a solution-focussed and strengths-based practice and principles. They draw from life and emotional intelligence coaching, positive psychology and hope theory. 

The focus of every suggested activity focuses on connecting the individual to their INNER EXPERT, so they identify and celebrate their unique strengths, set goals around an inspiring future, address areas for development and design their action steps for successful goal attainment.

The POWER Kit will assist you in your work to enhance deep self-awareness, self-compassion and self-responsibility in others by building their strengths, hope, willpower and commitment to action

What is included?

My Life Motivator Coaching E-Cards (21 x A4 cards plus instruction sheet)
Assist individuals identify their key drivers that give them meaning and satisfaction at the deepest level in their life, career, parenting and relationships.

My Life Coaching E-Cards (42 x A5 cards plus instruction sheet)
Assist individuals connect how they feel about their life, career, study, performance, finances, relationships, parenting or any other area of interest and creating a mental picture of how they would ideally like it to be by designing an inspiring vision to move towards

My Life Style Coaching E-Cards (24 x A5 cards plus instruction sheet)
Assist individuals to identify the preferred lifestyle and living option(s) that best match who they and the type of life they feel would naturally suit them and are attracted to.

Emotional Intelligence Coaching E-Cards (31 x A5 cards plus instruction sheet)
This card sort draws from Emotional Intelligence theory and identifies 30 main emotional and social competencies to assist individuals identify their natural emotional skills and strengths, and areas for development.

Card combinations

Each deck and can be used as a stand alone activity or delivered together to enhance any of your life, career, relationship or team group coaching or one to one sessions.. plus more

*Cards are also designed to be delivered within all the Coaching Young People For Success Coaching Modules.

* All cards are also available for purchase individually. 


Hard Copy, E-Cards


English, French, Spanish, Serbian, Turkish

Paper size

A4, USLetter, A5

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