Life Coaching Program (Adult Community)

Includes a leaders toolkit, online training & 12 month. not for profit licence

$300.00 up front, and $50.00 per year

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A complete life coaching "toolkit" for all helping professionals, counsellors and coaches.

About Life Coaching

The Life Coaching Module provides helping professionals with a “ready to deliver” transformative life coaching program that will assist people achieve greater health and wellbeing in all areas of their life.

This module comes with all the resources you need to deliver straight into any wellbeing, counselling, case management, mentoring or support program, either face to face or online with individuals or groups. 


The Life Coaching Program Overview

This Module can be delivered between 3 and up to 20 hours in the groups.

Lead young people through our signature five step P.O.W.E.R Coaching Model to assist them design their own “Steps For My Life Success” action plan in eight key areas. 

Step #1:
P = Imagine Possibilities of how would you love life to be?
  • Identify what successful living is for them.
  • Reflect their current life satisfaction 
  • Create a vision of how they would like it to be, using the “My Life” Coaching activity cards.
Step #2:
O = Become Organised and make a plan to get there
  • Complete the My Life Review Wheel.
  • Review their life satisfaction in eight key life areas including:
    1. Career Planning
    2. School performance
    3. Emotional health
    4. Physical health
    5. Financial health
    6. Friendships
    7. Family relationships
    8. Living Environment
  • Identify their priority areas to work on.
  • Set goals and design their own action plan.
Step #3:
W = Develop Will-power and the motivation they will need
  • Consider the costs and benefits of striving towards their goals.
  • Decide if the benefits outweigh the costs.
  •  Build their motivation, confidence and commitment to take action from today. 
Step #4:
E = Build your Emotional Skills to be your best
  • Understand the key skills and qualities of successful people.
  • Identify their core Emotional Intelligence (E.Q) skills
  • Identify the E.Q skills they will need to strengthen to successfully reach their goals.
Step #5:
R = Achieve Results by taking consistent action
  • Design S.M.A.R.T action steps to make positive change straight away!
  • Identify the support they need.
  • Design a personal motto for motivation.
  • Celebrate their successes.

What is included?

The Life Coaching Module comes with the resources and the training you need to confidently coach young people in groups, one to one or online.

Online Leader Accreditation Training

With a Leader's Manual

Through a combination of self paced training videos and a live coaching session with a CYPFS trainer, you will learn how to take young people through our signature five step POWER Coaching Model© to design their “Steps for My Life Success” plan. Simultaneously you will complete your very own life coaching plan.

You will also learn The G.O.A.L Coaching Conversation©which is a simple but powerful framework to help you lead future focused conversations, which encourage young people to stay on track and maintain the resilience and motivation they need to put their plans into action on an ongoing basis.

Printable Worksheets – pdf

The Steps For My Life Success Worksheet – PDF can be printed for every young person you coach. The life coaching plan can then be used as a focus for ongoing conversations to keep young people focused and “on track” to implement their goals on an ongoing basis.

Slideshow Galleries

Access the slideshow gallery that will guide you step by step through the five P.O.W.E.R coaching steps for easy delivery in both groups and one to one. 

Life Wheel TIP Sheets - pdf

The Life Wheel TIP sheets provide hundreds of practical action steps that young people can take to improve their health and wellbeing in eight key areas including: School and learning, career planning, emotional health, physical health, friends, family, finances and living environment.

Participation Certificate - pdf

The certificate can be printed to help celebrate their completion of their life coaching plans, achievements made and their ongoing commitment to their health and well-being into the future.


Two sets of coaching activity e-card sorts with instructions sheets.

Cards are designed to be used within the life coaching module but can also be used as stand alone coaching activities with people of all ages.

My Life Coaching E-Cards

The My Life coaching cards are a must have resource for every coach. The cards include 52 simple black and white images that can be used to assist people connect to how they feel about any area or situation in their life and help them create a mental picture of how they would love it to be from the inside-out!

E.Q Coaching E-Cards

The My E.Q coaching card sort depict thirty key emotional and social skills that are important for success in life, work, school and relationships. The cards are used to assist young people identify the key emotional strengths they have and the skills they would like to strengthen to improve their health, well-being and performance on an ongoing basis

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