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A complimentary seat for leaders to experience the “My Life Coach” online program.

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Access a complimentary seat to explore the My Life Coach Program and features.
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The My Life Coach online program is an exciting new upgrade where leaders can now assist young people create and store their wellbeing plans online instead of paper and pen. 

“My Life Coach” will enhance the quality of all your personal development and wellbeing programs and can be offered as a stand alone, self-paced program supported by built in videos from a virtual coach or facilitated by you in groups and one to one.

Young people will get to assess their current satisfaction in eight key life areas and then design their own personalised wellbeing plan in the top priority areas they want to focus on. Their plans will be stored in their own MASTER GOAL TRACKER, where they can review, reset and track their goals and print their plans on an ongoing basis.

Making on going coaching a breeze!

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