A "ready to deliver" workshop to assist parents and carers support young people to be their best in their life, career and study.

About Parent As Coach

Parent As Coach includes training and a leaders toolkit so educators and coaches can take parents on a journey of self discovery where they will learn how to lead powerful, strengths-based coaching conversations that will enhance the motivation and resilience young people need to thrive in their life, career or study.

This Module is ideally designed for parents whose children have completed their life, career or school performance pathway plans, but can also be delivered as a stand alone parenting skills workshop.

What is included?

Instantly access the Parent As Coach toolkit & online training

Online Training & Leader's Manual
Student Slideshow Gallery
Parent Workbook – pdf
My Life Coaching Cards - pdf
My E.Q Coaching E-Cards -pdf
My Lifetype Coaching – E-Cards

Deliver Parent As Coach workshop over 3 – 5 hours.

Parents will:

  • Reflect on and share their current experience of parenting
  • Identify their vision for positive parenting
  • Understand their parenting style and key strengths
  • Identify potential blockers to moving ahead
  • Identify priority areas they want to work on
  • Learn some key communication and coaching skills
  • Learn and practise The G.O.A.L Coaching Conversation
  • Create a Parent As Coach action plan

Individual fee: $450

  1. Online Leader Accreditation Training
  2. Download the complete Parent As Coach leaders toolkit
  3. Not for profit use only
Deliver with the other Modules in the series to offer a holistic coaching program.

Individual fee: $1,000

  1. Online live leader accreditation training session – by arrangement
  2. Download the Parent As Coach leaders toolkit 
  3. With a commercial licence to deliver within your own business
Deliver with the other Modules to offer a holistic coaching program


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To promote good practice, please note that you are advised to use the CYPFS program materials within the boundaries of your professional expertise. 


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