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A youth coaching business in a box.

For private practitioners & coaches

We know that building a successful coaching business takes time, effort, trial and error. Developing  your own materials, marketing and building your brand, data base, and actually work with clients plus many other administrative tasks can leave you feeling inspired, exhausted and overwhelmed at the same time  

Our signature program provides you with everything you need to start to build
a successful youth coach practise immediately 
The Coaching Young People For Success (CYPFS) program is a complete youth coaching business that includes SIX ready made modules with all the resources you need to deliver in person or online immediately to groups or individuals   
Step into your business success and help as many young people and their parents as you can locally nationally and even globally 




"widely used and trusted "

It is important you feel confident that your approach in evidenced based and grounded in theory and practice outcomes.  Every CYPFS module follows our signature five step P.O.W.E.R Coaching Model© which incorporates strategies from positive psychology, evidence based coaching and hope theory that are proven to strengthen an individual wellbeing, resilience and successful goal attainment.

The P.O.W.E.R Coaching Model© is a five step process that connects young people to their inner expert, so they can design a hope filled life, career or school performance pathway plan that matches their vision, values and aspirations.

The pathway plans then provide you with a guide to “fast track” behaviour change by keeping your clients focused, motivated and on track to strive towards their dreams and goals on ongoing basis.

CYPFS Individual Modules and Packages

Choose the complete program or combine any of the modules to customise a program that works for you.

Every Module comes with online leader training, leaders manual, slideshow galleries, printable workbooks and coaching activities e-card sorts for instant delivery.

Purchase seats at the leaders wholesale discount rate of $10 (Retails @ $50 per seat)

Module 1. Career Coaching

The Career Coaching Module takes young people on a journey of self-discovery. They will complete a Who am I? profile, connect with their key strengths and design an inspiring life and career pathway plan that aligns with  their vision, values and desired lifestyle. 

$950 AUD one off then $50 per year (plus GST for AUS)

My Career  Coach is an interactive online program that you can offer to enhance the delivery of the Career  Coaching Module 

Offer My Career Coach as part of your business as a stand-alone experience young people initially complete themselves with short term coaching or a 12 month coaching program where you coach them on an ongoing basis using the goal tracker to achieve their career development goals 

 Purchase seats at the leader “wholesale” price of $10 AUD per seat per year. (Retails @ $50 per seat)

Module 2. Life Coaching

The Life Coaching Module guides young people through the 5 POWER coaching steps to design their own “Steps for My Life Success” action plan. Using the life wheel, young people will identify the priority areas they want to improve and the steps required to achieve greater health, well-being and fulfilment in 8 key areas of of their life. 

Their coaching plans can be shared with you the coach, their parents or significant others so you help them stay focused on their growth. 

$950 AUD one off then $50 per year (plus GST for AUS)

My Life Coach is an interactive online program that you can offer to enhance the delivery of the Life Coaching Module 

Offer My Life Coach as a stand-alone experience young people initially complete themselves with minimal coaching or a 12 month coaching program  where you coach them on an ongoing basis using their goal tracker for ongoing conversations for successful goal attainment 


Module 3. Performance Coaching

Steps for My School Success (Junior)

Steps For My SCHOOL Success empowers students to take responsibility for their learning. Students will review their academic and personal performance, identify potential blockers, then set and regularly their learning goals and action plan.

My TOP Performance Plan (Senior)

The My TOP Performance Plan Module teaches senior students the commonalities and strategies of TOP school performers. They can then use this knowledge to design a tailor- made action plan that will supercharge their own performance.

$950 AUD one off then $50 per year (plus GST for AUS)

Module 4. Peer Coaching Skills

Peers can influence an individual’s performance or behaviour, so having supportive ones is vital for motivation and wellbeing. This module provides CYPFS leaders with a ready-to-deliver coaching skills workshop that teaches young people how to be effective peer coaches and support one another in implementing their pathway plans.

$950 AUD one off then $50 per year (plus GST for AUS)

Module 5. Parent as a Coach

This module helps parents develop the key coaching skills they need to lead powerful coaching conversations at home and support their children in their wellbeing journey. This involves focusing on building the social and emotional skills needed to overcome obstacles, as well as implementing their life, career and school performance goals into the future.

$950 AUD one off then $50 per year (plus GST for AUS)

Module 6. Moving Up

The transition from primary to secondary school is an exciting but often overwhelming time. Deliver this module to assists students transition to secondary school with confidence and optimism. Help them to reflect on on their primary years, understand the differences and challenges they may face, identify their goals and ways of achieving them and learn the strategies and skills needed to enjoy and excel in a high school environment.

$950 AUD one off then $50 per year (plus GST for AUS)

Select a discount package that suits you.

The COMPLETE Program

The Complete Program includes all SIX COACHING MODULES in the CYPFS series.  It includes a Life, Career and School Performance Coaching Module, a peer coaching and a Parent As Coach training package, plus the Moving Up to secondary school transition Module. Together they form a complete coaching system with up to 80 hours of potential curriculum that you can deliver straight into your practise.

$4,900 AUD one off then $100 per year  (GST for AUS)

Payment plans available.


The Essentials Program includes the LIFE, CAREER and SCHOOL PERFORMANCE Coaching Modules, plus a bonus, “My Success Module” which allows you to deliver them all together as one seamless program with up to 60 hours of curriculum.  

$2,400 AUD one off then $100 per year (GST for AUS)

Payment plans available.

Every Module also includes:

Leader Accreditation Training

Online leader Accreditation training is available through a combination of online live training sessions with a CYPFS trainer and a series of self-paced instructional videos. 

You will be taken step by step through each Module and learn how to confidently deliver them in GROUPS and ONE to ONE. You will also learn The P.O.W.E.R Coaching Model, and how to coach young people for success on an ongoing sessions using the G.O.A.L coaching conversation. 

Training also includes a live planning session to assist you gain clarity about how you will implement the CYPFS Modules and grow your youth coaching practice.

The BENEFITS of becoming a commercial CYPFS Leader…

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T. Yarnell Ball
Life Skills Coach
Flint, Michigan, USA

CYPFS is your solution! Finally a “turn-key” youth coaching program that is ready, research based, theory driven and engaging for young people, fun for counsellors and advisors and will work right out of the box! The outcomes were great and it was a small investment relative to the growth I experienced in my practice”


James Kiger, Smyrna High School, Counsellor,
Kiger Consulting, Private Practitioner, Delaware USA


To promote good practice, please note that you are advised to use the CYPFS program materials within the boundaries of your professional expertise. 


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