Coaching Young People For Success Program

A complete career coaching program
for schools, youth agencies & coaches

About My Career Coach

Become an accredited leader and access all the resources you need to take young people on a journey of self discovery where they will create a Who Am I? strengths based personal profile and design an inspiring life and career pathway plan that matches their vision, values and preferred lifestyle.

My Career Coach comes with up to 30 hours of coaching content that you can deliver straight into any group or individual career and transition, employment, work readiness or case management and support program.

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What is included?

Access online leader training and a complete career coaching toolkit for lifelong use.

Leader Training & Manual
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Printable Workbooks
Slideshows for groups & 1:1
Coaching Young People For Success Program
Qualities Coaching E-Cards
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Life Motivator E-Cards
Coaching Young People For Success Program
Interests Coaching E-Cards
Coaching Young People For Success Program
Lifestyle Coaching E-Cards
Coaching Young People For Success Program
Workstyle Coaching E-Cards
Coaching Young People For Success Program
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Coaching Young People For Success Program
Participation Certificate

Deliver in groups, one to one or via the online My Career Coach portal straight away!

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About the My Career Coach Online Portal

Leaders also have the option to deliver the program via the new online My Career Coach portal.

Young people can design and store their life and career pathway plans in an online MASTER GOAL TRACKER and then revisit, reset and download their pathway plans as often as they like making ongoing career and transition coaching a breeze!

My Career Coach can be a self-paced program guided by a virtual coach or facilitated by you in your group or one to one sessions.

Leaders can purchase seats for $10 per person, open for 4 years unlimited access.

My Career Coach portal features:

Guide young people through the 5 P.O.W.E.R coaching steps to design their own life and career pathway plan from the inside-out!
Step 1. P = Imagine Possibilities for life and work

The key to life and career planning is self-awareness. So to begin their journey, participants will get to explore their natural strengths and gifts by completing their own “Who am I?” personal profile. The ability to identify their true self will help them imagine possibilities for the life they would love to live and the type of work they would find fulfilling.

Step 2. O = Become Organised
 and make a plan
They will then design a wish list of the goals they would love to achieve in the short, medium and long term.  Their goals will give them hope for the future and also provide a road map of actions required to make their dreams for life and work a reality.

Step 3. W = Develop Willpower to stay motivated

In order to be successful it is important to have the motivation. Young people will get to consider the costs and benefits of achieving their goals and determine if they are worth striving for. This process serves as a reality check, with a focus on building the commitment, ownership and motivation they need to be successful. 


Step 4. E = Build Emotional skills to be your best.

They will learn “can-do” and “can’t do” attitudes and how beliefs can impact on the resilience and persistence they will need to overcome obstacles along the way. They will also identify the team of people who will support them with their plan on an ongoing basis.


Step 5. R = Achieve Results by taking action

Young people will finish their plan, by establishing two S.M.A.R.T steps they will immediately take. This allows them to experience success quickly and build their confidence and sense of agency in implementing goals on an ongoing basis. They will design a personal motto to keep them motivated and on track.

Their plans are then used as a guide for all ongoing coaching conversations and can be reviewed and reset on an ongoing basis.

Individual fee: $450

  1. Leader Accreditation Training –  Select from a 1/2 day online live workshop or self-paced training.
  2. The complete Career Coach Leaders toolkit & curriculum for lifelong use
  3. One complimentary My Career Coach online seat for personal use. 
  4. Add online My Career Coach seats for $10 per person – open for 4 years

Team Package : $2,500


  • Leader Accreditation Training for 5 staff 
  • A leaders My Career Coach toolkit pp
  • Up to 30 hours of coaching curriculum
  • 100 x My Career Coach online youth seats
  • Add My Career Coach online seats – for $10 per person, open for 4 years.

* Add an Advanced Coaching Skills training at your organisation.

  (plus GST for Australia)

Individual fee: $1000

  1. A commercial licence to delivery within your business.
  2. Leader Accreditation Training – 1/2 day online by arrangement or self paced
  3. The complete Career Coach Leaders toolkit & curriculum for offline delivery in groups and one to one
  4. Option to offer clients an online My Career Coach seat @ $10 per person – open for 4 years
  5. One complimentary My Career Coach online seat for personal use.

1. Instantly access self-paced training videos or 

2. Register for a 1/2 day live online training via TEAMS. 
    All sessions are held at 12-4 pm Victorian time 

My Career Coach online leader training workshops

Tuesday 23rd   April
Wed       22nd  May
Friday     21st  June
Friday     26th July
Friday     6th September
Friday     18th October
Friday     29th November

3. Organise a dedicated team training date either online or onsite.

Participants will learn how to take young people on a journey of self discovery where they will complete a Who Am I? personal profile, connect to their strengths and design an inspiring life and career pathway plan that matches who they are and what is important to them. Their plans can be created, stored and revisited and goals reset over 4 years making ongoing career coaching conversations a breeze.

 Training Overview:

  • Overview of My Career Coach & leaders toolkit
  • Introduction to coaching, positive psychology & hope theory
  • The 5 P.O.W.E.R Coaching steps to career and life planning
  • Experience how to deliver in groups, one to one and online via the My Career Coach Portal.
  • Design your own life and career pathway plan.
  • Tour the online portal and key features. 
  • Learn how to set up an online group / sub group and track your students progress.
  • Evaluation, member library access & implementation.
Combine with My Life Coach, performance, peer coaching & Parent As Coach to form a holistic coaching program to support students be their best in their life, career & study.

The Career Module has been mapped against the…

  • Australian Blue Print for Career Development  (ABCD)

  • Australian National Curriculum Framework

  • Victorian Curriculum Framework  

  • Personal Learning Plan – PLP in South Australia

  • Australian Teachers Standards

  • Is an endorsed program in the Western Australian Certificate of Education (WACE) 

  • The USA – ASCA National Standards

What people are saying

We offer training in career development to professionals in the field, when we have asked what their best tools were, those who had done CYPFS training chose it as number one without fail.


Garry Gilfoy, Counselling & Career Development Lecturer, TAFE SA

Coaching Young People For Success Program
Coaching Young People For Success Program

I have encouraged all our school career practitioners in Western Australia to use the Life Business CYPFS program. It is a holistic approach to help create a career development culture in our schools and assists students to explore all aspects of their life, learning and work.


Dr. Peter Carey, Former, Learning and Teaching Consultant, Catholic Education Department, Western Australia & CDAA National President.

“We loved thinking about who we are, working through our values and interests. They're something we don't usually really focus on. It's cool to work out what our careers can be, based on the Coaching Young People for Success model!


Sienna and Eliza

My Career Coach Program

As a Careers Practitioner & Trainer specialising in youth, I am always on the hunt for practical resources to help me quickly ‘get into the headspace’ of the young people I work with in order to assist them to gain a sense of direction with their career & life pathway options and build their self-confidence.



Tania Sacco, Training Coordinator,
Sunshine, Victoria

YOUTHNOW_Kaelee and Tania CYPFS
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The Coaching Young People For Success Program is a major strategy for supporting students at our school"


Robyn Anderson, Bannockburn College

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