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LIFE BUSINESS Consultancy based in Melbourne, Australia and was co-founded by Robyn Chellew and Olga Varsos in 2001. Both are clinical social workers, accredited career practitioners and emotional intelligence coaches, who have over 30 years experience working as managers and counsellors in the educational, youth and family sectors.

Connecting through their shared passion for working with young people and their families and through witnessing the power of coaching, Robyn and Olga published the first edition of the Coaching Young People For Success Program (CYPFS) program in 2005, with the goal of increasing  youth professionals’ capacity to coach young people for success in their own settings. 

Together, they developed their signature two stage coaching process, which includes The POWER Coaching Model and The GOAL Coaching Conversation which draw on strategies from coaching, positive psychology and hope theory – all of which are proven to build the self-awareness, self-belief and sense of ownership young people need to create their own inspiring plans and strengthen the emotional skills they need to achieve their goals on an ongoing basis. 

Today, CYPFS has been translated into French and Spanish and is now being delivered in the USA, Canada and many other destinations around the world.


Olga Varsos & Robyn Chellew

Co-Founders and Directors


 For every young person to have the support they need to connect with their true self and develop the emotional skills they need to flourish and live successful fulfilled lives


To assist youth professionals create and foster a culture of wellbeing and success across their programs, through the provision of high quality, evidence-based training, programs and resources to support young people, their parents and peers.

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