A Coaching Approach to Student Wellbeing

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When I graduated as a social worker in the mid 1980’s, the term “coaching” was more synonymous with sports and rehabilitation fields. Since then, I have witnessed the rapid growth of coaching across the health, educational and youth sectors.

At Life Business, we’ve had the distinct privilege of being part of this transformation since the early 2000s. Our passion for coaching runs deep, as we have witnessed first hand the positive impact it can bring to the lives of young people, as well as our own life and business too.

Coaching is a holistic, strengths-based, and student-centred approach to wellbeing that schools can implement across the organisation. It is holistic, because it recognises the interconnected nature of mental health and wellbeing, by addressing emotional, social, physical, and financial health, as well as academic performance and career development, plus more.

Coaching is a powerful early intervention model, that focuses on “optimal wellbeing” and performance, rather than treating the symptoms of ill health or problematic behaviours after they present. Being person-centred, it offers tailored support, addressing students individual needs and goals rather than adopting a more universal “one-fits-all”  approach.

It provides students with proven tools and strategies, that help tap into their unique strengths and capabilities, empowering them to be more proactive with their self-care on a day to day basis. Regular check-ins and feedback in group or individual sessions with a coach, peer, parent or teachers, will keep them accountable, and ensure they stay motivated and on-track to make meaningful and lasting change. This approach aligns perfectly with schools’ mission to nurture well-rounded young people, equipped with the emotional and social skills they need to thrive in to adulthood.

If you are interested in introducing a coaching approach to your wellbeing programs in 2024, jump into any of our training workshops, or book a short demonstration time with us to discuss how it can work. If you are already trained as a CYPFS leader you can join complimentary online refresher training.

Happy Coaching!

from Robyn Chellew
Director, Life Business Consultancy
Co-author of the Coaching Young People For Success Program

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