Embedding CYPFS into youth case work in a local government setting

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KD Solutions has had the privileged of mentoring the implementation and rollout of embedding CYPFS into Youth case work with in a local government setting, transforming the way Local Government youth services operate and connect with young people in their communities.

Goulburn Mulwaree Council’s new youth case coordination program Connect, Empower, Support has embedded the “Coaching Young People for Success model” into a comprehensive and innovative initiative designed to provide personalised coaching and support to young individuals facing various challenges in their lives. 

The program aims to empower youth to overcome obstacles, enhance their skills, and achieve personal, educational, and career success. By integrating coaching principles into a youth case work framework, this program strives to create positive and lasting impacts on the lives of young people, ultimately fostering their growth and resilience.

Made possible through the NSW Government’s “Our Region, Our Voice” initiative “Connect, Empower, Support” is a transformative initiative that seeks to empower and uplift young individuals facing challenging circumstances. 

By combining case work expertise with coaching principles, the program aspires to foster personal growth, resilience, and success among youth, ultimately contributing to stronger communities and brighter futures for all involved.

Feel free to contact KD Solutions for any inquiries, to learn more about the program’s objectives, or to explore potential collaboration opportunities. We look forward to sharing more about this comprehensive and innovative initiative designed to empower and support young individuals in overcoming challenges and achieving personal, educational, and career success.

Kane Sparks

KD Solutions
E: kdsolutions@outlook.com.au
M: 04881640101

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