Introducing Emma Bennett from Yellow Canary Coaching & Consulting

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We are excited to Introduce Emma, our latest Coaching Young People For Success accredited youth coach.  

Emma is a highly experienced leadership & business coach and member of the ICF, with an extra special passion for coaching young people. As a parent of teenagers herself she knows first hand how challenging it can be to navigate the steps into adulthood for young people and their parents too. Here is her personal story about her journey into youth coaching.

“Have you ever felt like the choices you made were influenced by what others thought you should do? It’s a common experience for both adults and young people. We often assume that those who are older and wiser know best. But let me tell you a secret:, they don’t.

When I look back on my own youth, I vividly remember the conversations with family, teachers, and career counsellors about subjects to choose in school, further education, and career planning. Those discussions typically revolved around what I was good at, the earning potential, and the societal status associated with certain jobs. I can honestly say that I cannot recall a single conversation that delved into my values, interests, or invited me to think about what a successful and happy career and life would truly mean for me.

As a 15 or 16-year-old living in the North of England, I could never have imagined the path my life would take. I would have been stunned to learn that I would spend years living and working in Sweden, and eventually end up in Australia. If you had asked me back then if I saw myself working in heavy industry or in male-dominated environments, I would have been shocked. Yet, here I am, with a wealth of experience in financial services, manufacturing, medical technologies, and the education sector.

In my work as a coach with adults, I often encounter individuals who recognise that their careers have not turned out as they had hoped. They feel trapped and desire a career transition, but external responsibilities make it incredibly challenging. They may believe that it’s too late to start over or that they can’t afford to make a change.

It is these experiences that have driven me to become a youth coach. What if we could empower our young people to have more agency over their decisions? What if we could support them to explore alternative educational and career pathways? Imagine if they understood that while others may have thoughts and opinions about what they should do, ultimately, they are the captains of their own ships. This is not to say that they shouldn’t seek the wisdom and experience of others or ask for advice, but they are not obliged to blindly follow it.

As a youth coach, my mission is to help young people discover their own passions, interests, and values. I want to guide them in making informed decisions, while reminding them that their dreams and aspirations matter. Together, we can create a future where young individuals have the confidence to chart their own paths and embrace the endless possibilities that lie ahead.”

Emma Bennett
Yellow Canary Coaching & Consultancy Services, 
Henley Beach South,
South Australia,
Call for youth coaching on: 0452 564 008

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