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Assisting young people can be a challenge, especially when decisions need to be made and action needs to be taken and they turn to you for quick answers. 

When you apply a coaching approach to your conversation the coach assumes that every young person…

  • is the expert in their own life even when they say they are not.
  • has the solutions within themselves even if they say they don’t.
  • is creative, resourceful & whole.
Coaching cards are a powerful projective tool to help youth professionals facilitate deeper conversations quickly and with ease as the illustrations on the cards are a visual stimulus that takes the individual beyond the surface level to a deeper part of themselves, where they connect to their  ‘real voice’, sparking deep meaningful and life changing conversations.
The responses using card decks can act as a mediator or a catalyst for individuals to open up and share their inner most thoughts and feelings accessing their creativity,  imaginationand problem solving that might otherwise be unknown to them.

For the coach card decks helps to 
  • ask the right questions to assist individuals to gain insights and increase self -awareness 
  • easily assist individuals set their own goals and set steps they will take
The narrative co-authored by the coach and the individual becomes rich in possibilities and clear targeted action. Cards can function as a visual anchor and easily accompany the individuals in their daily life as reminder of the actions steps that were designed with their coach.  


Olga Varsos,

Life Business Consultancy


“I have been using the POWER coaching cards with my clients. The cards are both subtle and powerful as well as provoking in a positive way. Wow – the results are fascinating and revealing. The process and its employment has been truly rewarding. I have seen clients excited, rewarded, connected, confronted, exposed and a little scared. So much to explore and examine.”

Anne Tomietto
Youth Development Coach,
Creating Futures, Brotherhood of St. Laurence

Coaching Young People For Success Program
Performance Workshop Students

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