CYPFS Stories – James Wetu, Ampro Africa

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A CYPFS Story – James Wetu

Accredited CYPFS Youth Coach in Nairobi, Kenya


Here is James Story,

“I always knew that I wanted to help others but didn’t know what that would look like. When I had my own coach,  I really connected with my purpose, I needed to help others reach their future by supporting them to achieve their goals. Coaching has helped me transform my own life, and now I support others in transforming theirs. 

I found CYPFS resources online and completed my training to be a leader. I feel I now have the tools to coach young people confidently. With such feedback I am convinced coaching young people in schools is the right thing that I should invest my time in.

Coaching in schools is a new concept in Kenya. I have been offering CYPFS workshops in Ng’araria Girl’s high school and loving every minute of it, and getting great student feedback.

James Wetu, Ampro Africa

‘I think this is the most rewarding information I have ever received in my entire period in high school. I have never thought about my life and career or set goals for the future just day to day.  It has helped me understand my personality and possible career choices that I could do and love. It is clear to me now that I need to plan my life and career to enjoy successful living.... I wish all of my friends could have a chance to develop their own plans and start working towards a goal just like I am. It is for sure an eye opener.’’

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