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Sue Frazer with her students

Career Coaching using the “My Life and Career Pathway Plan” at the Senior Camp.

As time is often an issue in senior school, I proposed to the school management that I would like to go on senior leadership camp and deliver the Career Coaching Module – “My Life and Career Pathway Plan”

The proposal was agreed to and it turned out to be one of the best environments to connect with students and have them contemplate who they are, what they wanted to achieve and determine a plan of action.  Being away from school and in a supportive and relaxed environment really helped to get the most out of what this fantastic program offers. Whilst we ran most of the sessions at camp as a collective group, each student then met with me one on one over the next few weeks back at school to talk over their journey of self discovery and how I could support them in moving forward towards their goal/s. I also had students come and see me at camp as they really wanted to talk and share. 

The highlight for me was seeing students have ‘ah ha’ moments. Those moments when all the parts that make up who they are start to link together to form a picture and give them hope for the future. The documented plan also gave students something to refer to when sharing with their parents about the choices that they were making and why they felt it aligned with who they are, and were becoming as young adults. 

Sue Fraser, Guidance Officer – Australian Christian College – Moreton, QLD

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