CYPFS Story @ YouthNow, Sunshine Victoria

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Tania coaching Kaelee @ Youthnow, Sunshine

Tania Sacco, ACFE Training Coordinator @ YouthNow 

As a Careers Practitioner & Trainer specialising in youth, I am always on the hunt for practical resources to help me quickly ‘get into the headspace’ of the young people I work with in order to assist them to gain a sense of direction with their career & life pathway options and build their self-confidence.

The Train the Trainer workshops with Robyn Chellew, Director of Life Business, delivered over two-days at YouthNow, allowed our staff to experience what our clients would experience and exposed us to the plethora of resources from CYPFS. Fantastic professional development and up-skilling for all staff alike!

Post-training I was delighted to access all the modules which contain practical, colour- coded and up-to-date career & life coaching resources for my youth cohort, and best of all made in Australia!  I could immediately incorporate the CYPFS life and career coaching modules into my existing Jobs Lab training sessions (job application process from woe to go). I have been using the CYPFS resources for over two years now and get wonderful results. 

I highly recommend CYPFS for Careers Practitioners and anyone else working with youth!


"I thought the coaching was very helpful and I realised more about what I want in life and made me think more about what I want to do over my 1 year-5 year-10 year plan, and writing it down made it seem more real and made me think more about it. I liked the tasks, I didn’t think cards would be able to represent me but some of them did, just looking at them things seemed so much like me. I always knew what I wanted to do when I was older but some things I didn’t think about or I didn’t think would be possible for me but after the lessons, I realised anything is possible when I put my mind to it and try my hardest."

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