The Wellbeing Team @ Daylesford Secondary College

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Daylesford Sec College

With the support of Rosie Mullany from the Ballarat School Focussed Youth Service the Wellbeing team from Daylesford Secondary College in Victoria completed their Coaching Young People For Success life and career coaching skills training in early 2022.

The team all received the resources they needed to introduce a strengths based coaching program with a few targeted groups of students over the year. The aim of the project was to assist these students connect to their strengths and identify some inspiring and personalised life, career or wellbeing goals and be supported to work towards them.

Bridget Franc, the Head of Wellbeing at the College said,

“We have delivered the My Career Coach Module with all our Year 12 students. It was incorporated into our Year 12 Camp and compliments our school’s motto: ‘Shape the Future’”. The Careers Coaching were also delivered to a group of Year 10 students to support transition into the senior school. This strength-based program helps young people to see beyond their immediate world and fosters a sense of hope and meaning for their future.”

Our Wellbeing Team have also used the POWER Coaching Cards to support young people in individual consultations, to help them find a sense of purpose and source of motivation.”

Comments from the other coaches...

• “The kids genuinely enjoy getting together and have asked me without prompting if we’re re-starting (the program) this term, which is very nice to hear them be excited about a positive thing.”

• “Some of the students have started thinking about small goals just as a process that’s becoming normal for them.”

• “The main benefit of this program so far is having some neglected kids get given some positive attention.”

• “I think the program is fabulous, although we chose a very disengaged group to work with that did provide many challenges.”

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