CYPFS Story – Coaching YP in Supported Accommodation

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Recently I was invited by Jane, a manager of a youth accommodation house in regional Victoria, to come and deliver CYPFS coaching session with a great group of young people she supports.


Without the direct support of living with family, being hopeful for the future and making a successful transition to work or further training can be a real challenge. 


During the session, everyone got to create a “strengths-based” personal profile and a vision for the type of life and work they would find meaningful, fun and inspiring.  Coaching in a group creates an environment where young people can support and encourage each other to dream big and be hopeful and excited about the future.

I could see their confidence, motivation and self-belief improve as they all shared their unique strengths and their dreams and goals.   


It was a privilege to hear their stories and help them create a personalised pathway plan of what they can do to move ahead.  Jane will be there to support them with their plans with great love and care. 


Robyn Chellew

Director, Life Business Consultancy 

"THANK YOU for your time with the group.  They all said they found the day really useful in identifying their own interests and strengths, and considering potential future paths. I really loved the way they helped each other identify each other’s qualities as well."

Jane C.
Manager, Youth Refuge,
Regional Victoria, Australia

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