Youth Programs

Be your best self, live your best life!

Being young is a time of transition and lots of change.

Decisions are made and actions taken on a daily basis. Some decisions may be clear and others may cause you confusion. That is why everyone can benefit from having the support of their own life coach. Like a sports coach who helps you play your best game on the field, a life coach will help you be your best self and live your best life. 

The “My Life” and “My Career” Coaching programs will support you to take charge and achieve your life, career and study goals by helping you stay motivated and on track over time for   increased wellbeing, happiness and success. 

Gain instant access via your personal portal to coach yourself to success with 
My Life Coach and My Career Coach and create a life you will really love!

About My Life Coach

My Life Coach will assist you to identify what your best life looks like in eight key areas. It will help you to design a tailor made plan that includes all the things you can do to achieve your best life. 

My Life Coach - take charge of your life today.

  1. Step by step videos to guide you from your virtual coach.
  2. Take a quiz in eight key life areas to assess how you are tracking.
  3. Identify the top priority areas you want to focus on.
  4. Set your goals and action steps in your Master Goal Tracker.
  5. Access lots of healthy lifestyle tips to help you. 
  6. Identify the skills and qualities you will need to be successful.
  7. Record your feelings and challenges in your journal.
  8. Track your progress over time with easy to read graphs.
  9. Share your goals with a friend, parent or coach.
$50 for 12 months unlimited access.
($10 ongoing annual subscription)

About My Career Coach

My Career Coach will assist you to connect to your true self and create an inspiring life and career pathway plan that matches who you are and the type of life you would love to live.

The Program includes:

$50 for 12 months unlimited access.
(Then $10 annual subscription)


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